HELLHOOKAH release “Endless Serpents” on LP

  Erik Vandamme    7 september 2016

Hellhookah are a Lithuanian Doom Metal band, formed in 2014 by Arnas (vocals/guitars/bass) and Gintarė (drums). Highly influenced by classic rock and oldschool metal music, Hellhookah are often classified as Traditional Doom Metal band, in vein of Saint Vitus, Pentagram, Witchfinder General, Cathedral, etc. Though, Hellhookah is also an experimental band because of their unusual two-piece line-up. In 2016 Hellhookah signed independent US record label NoSlip Records, released their first album and started to tour around Europe. In a last few months they have played at some gigs and festivals around Germany, Poland and Ukraine. Now the band is working on their second album and are planning to tour around many more countries.

Helllhookah announces that their full-length debut album “Endless Serpents” is now available on vinyl. The release contains 180 gram audiophile classic black vinyl, 11x11 insert, reversed board cover and poly lined sleeve. LP is extremely limited to only 300 presses. “Endless Serpents” is also available in digital audio and CD. You can get these records directly at their online store (https://hellhookah.bigcartel.com/) or their record company NoSlip Records (https://nosliprecords.bigcartel.com/).

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