Skarlett Riot – Sentience EP

  Van Muylem    12 september 2016

It’s time to discover a band that will perform for the first time at Metal female Voices fest (in October at Wieze)! I must say I fell in love with their dark female fronted metal/rock quartet! Discover together with me their new EP!

The artwork shows destroyed buildings and a strange women looking at us with some mechanics over her face. It’s pretty clear that the riot will cause some damage and I must say that they hit my heart and stole it! It doesn’t happen much but I fell in love with their sound and I’m pretty sure I will totally crush when I’ll see them on stage in Wieze!

It’s a young band, but Skarlett sounds like a mature version of Avril Lavigne versus Gwen Stefani! Listen to the first track Voices it’s fast, with hard hitting drums, cool hooks and the perfect studio sound! The vocals are sweet, melancholic, catchy and strong! The melody will stick on you and you will play this track more than once! For me it’s clear that they merit to play a worldwide tour, so that they get a bigger reach! I’m pretty sure you get them pretty cheap if you book them right now, but it won’t stay long like this! Chase the demons away with this cool song! Another sharp and catchy song is Scream at Me! Her fans will for sure do it when she asks for it and I feel it’s one of those great live songs! The bass is pretty heavy, with that fat and groovy sound! Guitar fan will also adore this song, just give them a shot and get hooked! It’s pure honey, pure gold! We go a bit darker with Empty Inside, but the music rocks and make you forget about the emptiness! It all feels real and lived through! Rock a-long with the blues, it’s an emotional trip! Feel is the kind of song that gets under your skin: the guitars and the vocals just bewitch you. Darkness overrules us all and explodes towards the end! The Wounded is not only the last song, they also made a video for it (check it out at the end of the review)! This song and video is about showing you are strong enough to get through the tough times and fight to be on top in the end. It’s sharp shooter: heavy, fueled, emotional, melancholic and o so strong! This is what they call going out with a big bang!

Wow, this was an amazing trip! I’m in love with this band and am so glad I will see them on stage!

If all goes well, you’ll read soon our interview with Skarlett Riot!

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