Diorama has a new album and it will be a very strong one!

  Van Muylem    15 september 2016

I remember the first notes from Diorama: a fragile piano and a very melancholic voice. Over the years Diorama became more and more a band. The band bounded and became stronger, all their talents melted together and now they launch their new album! Cna't wait to review it!

Here's the info we got: 'Diorama returns to the musical front. Zero Soldier Army, released on the 9th September 2016, follows the renowned album Even The Devil Doesn’t Care, a week-long fixture in the Top 3 of the German Alternative Charts. Preceding the new album, Diorama will release a music video single.
From the highly-explosive opener ZSA to the surreal finale Stay Undecided, Diorama celebrate their typical mix of dark electro, indie and progressive rock. “The songs were conceived in a time of increasingly complicated global crises which coincide with fanatical nationalisms and other delusions. We wanted to counteract our bewilderment in the face of the fiasco we’re heading towards with a term symbolising defencelessness and militancy at the same time – the Zero Soldier Army,” explains Torben Wendt. “We have no weapons. But we have love, freedom, and music. And Gin.” – “What counts is: not to abandon naivety, to fight destructive powers and to revive dreams that are in danger of getting lost. While producing Zero Soldier Army, we rediscovered how much we love this powerful, electronic sound, and we took it one step further. This album is a hundred per cent Diorama, from the first note to the last.”
The CD artwork was created in cooperation with Stefan Alt (ant-zen) and, apart from atmospheric shots of Leipzig-based photo artist “Propeller”, it contains a booklet-size stencil of the band logo – an exclusive collector’s item.