Dolls of Pain – A silence in my Life

  Van Muylem    22 september 2016

I know Dolls of Pain already for quite some time and they never delivered anything that disappointed me. Their rocking beats, guitars and distorted vocals still amuse me. It’s party time with no less than 15 tracks!

They start with Nothing to Say: a dark, scary, guitar minded electro track. It has something mysterious. After a while we hear some distorted vocals that remind me a bit of Suicide Commando, but the music is different. Towards the end it even gets a more club minded feel, with a slice of a Eurobeat vibe. Stronger combines nicely two different vocals: a distorted and one who screams like a monster. The beats are great, just as the guitars. It might be a nice one to play during gigs. Perverse Narcisique mixes beats with guitars and is sung in French. It feels a bit like the French version of Suicide Commando, anno 2017 and I adore it! It could become a hit if they mix the vocals a bit better (more up fronted). It must become an instant live hit! Funny thing is that I was just listening to some Herrshaft before and can conclude now that France has its own underground electro metal heroes! Raze to the Ground goes more into beats and harsh vocals. I feel it in a Mexican rage modus and absolutely adore it!

Drunk but Happy reminds me a bit of this other crazy and totally funny song: 1, 2, 3, 4 Fuck from XP8 vs Surgyn. I hear funny noises, cool beats and lyrics that matter! It has something catchy too! Break It Down Is a short interlude, with a floating sound. A Silence in My Life mixes guitars with drum’n bass, electro and the same floating sound as in the previous track. I hear some Diskonnekted in it, mixed with Suicide Commando. It’s a pretty interesting track that mixes different genre’s. More rage come’s with the French track Cicatrice: feel the pain through the guitars and the beats. I like this one as it feels real and the music is mixed in a great way! No Turning Back sounds like the perfect clubber: harsh vocals, great and firing up beats, great hooks, the drill of the dancefloor and the perfect tempo! I smell an instant hit! Together starts slow, with a minimal wave sound and slowly builds up the tension.

Towards the end we even get some modern blieps. Dreams starts a bit like a typical Diary of Dreams track: nice beats, a gothic feel, guitars and a whispering voice (here in French) and a spooky sound. All in all pretty creepy, but o so cool! It’s clear that they can deliver different kind of tracks without losing themselves and deliver something with poor quality! It’s also the longest track on the album. Détermination goes more into electro rock, again sung in French. They re-started the fire, bombing the dancefloor with beats and forcing their fans to dance with determination! It’s yet another great track that will make you happy! Forgive You follows the same path as the previous track, but then sung and cried out in English (with a flavor of Suicide Commando). The female backings (whispering sound) are a nice extra! Destroy Your Pride is a slow one, but I like the title and the idea behind it. Just give it a try and see/hear for yourself! Phoenix Is the last track (the album lasts for 70 minutes and that is just great)! It’s a dark one with a modern sound. It feels indeed like raising from the dead and coming back with more fire and a big update!

I hope to see these folks one of these days on stage, as I know they are absolutely worth it! I’m counting on you to give them a chance and let their sound grow inside your head until you can’t live without it!