reLive - Diary of Dreams (Accession Records)

  Van Muylem    13 oktober 2016

I have seen some live videos and it’s clear that Diary of Dreams is huge in Germany, but in my own country I don’t see them play in front of 100.000 fans, but hey we get at least the live feel with their new album! Let’s start the party!

They open with a shorter version of Schwarz (2 minutes instrumental instead of the full 9 minutes track), it keeps the darkness coming. Sinferno is the first real track and sounds really perfect: dark, scary and filled with pathos! The guitars and synths are doing a great job too. I even hear some Nine Inch Nails in it (Insect/Closer).  Malum keeps the same feeling, however it’s a return to the German language. This song also show the melodic evolution: we get a wider range in the sound: more synths, more guitars and a more modern touch without losing the typical Diary of Dreams feel. Menschfeind is one of those older songs who still sound great: scary and threatening. Another great track is Psycho-Logic, cool to hear it in a slightly changed version. With Krank we go back to the last album: somehow it sounds less strong and less melodramatic as expected.

ButterflyDance! Is yet another for old time’s sake favorite track of mine (somehow Mankind and Tears of Laughter are missing here). Fell the energy, sing a-long (or scream along). It’s a great live track! Giftraum takes us back to the melancholic and more electro minded side. Soul Stripper gets more guitars and is yet another great live track. The backings play an important role in the wellbeing of this track and here they really do their job as it should be. Ikarus has clearly the power to make it on stage as it sounds epic, strong, melancholic and has the typical Diary of Dream touch. Schuldig! Sounds even better than on sound cloud! It’s strong and captivating! Choir Hotel makes some people start clapping hands; it’s clearly a good live track, with enough variation and emotions. Myhtology of Violence is another hard hitter whilst The Colors of Grey is a nice ballad with an acoustic sound that will be loved by many now that we can also buy the live version!

Dogs of War has something catchy and inspires the crowd to clap with their hands along with the song that gets stronger after very passing second. Grau Im Licht is the next one: I called it a dark ballad in the past and indeed: it grows slowly and gets you hooked halfway. A Dark Embrace sounds like perfect for this live set: dark and slowly growing with an epic feel and a catchy sound. Endless Nights follows almost like as if it was logic to play it. Another highlight comes with Undividable that almost gets a raving sound, firing up the crowd. It’s just perfect! The Plague sounds great in this live version, it’s clear that the band is warmed up and ready for the last blows! King of Nowhere is a melancholic topper, just like Kindrom is the perfect lead out! The final blow, the final darkness and some aggressive feelings!

It’s clear that Diary of Dreams has become one of the best underground bands from Germany: from cool gothic to more rock and electro orientated songs over magical ballads: they can do it all and are on stage one of the best live bands I have seen! Enjoy this one!