Enemy of Reality – Arakhne (FYB Records)

  Van Muylem    17 oktober 2016

Enemy Of Reality is a symphonic metal band, formed in 2013. They already released a first album in 2014. Rejected Gods was filled with highlights and great guests (check out Needle Bites, My own Master, The Bargaining and Step into the light) and now presents their second one and overpasses it. We already had an interview with the talented frontwomen Iliana and talked a bit about this fresh pearl, let us now unveil more about it ...

The Ancient Greek mythology has always been a great inspiration and for this one it was is mainly based on the ancient Greek myth of the spider's creation, while also several other elements of the Greek mythology are also present in the album's lyrics. In ancient times, in a small town called Ledia in Northern Greece, there lived a young girl named Arakhne. Arakhne was a very skillful weaver spending countless hours working at her loom creating beautiful tapestries that were the envy of all the maidens in the town. Even the Muses would stop to admire her work. One day, one of the Muses, Polymnia shows to Goddess Athena a tapestry depicting the story of Narcissus. At that moment, it felt like the image of Narcissus was so alive that he was singing about his story (voice of Fabio Lione).

Arakhne was also very arrogant and antagonized Goddess Athena, insinuating that she could weave better than her. When Athena heard of her boasts, she decided to pay her a visit. Disguised as an old woman, she entered Arakhne’s hut, and inspected her creations. She tried to warn Arakhne about the possibility of offending the gods but her words were not heeded. Arakhne feeling confident about her weaving, challenged Athena, whom revealed her true form and accepted the challenge.

Arakhne (voice of Chiara Malvestiti), in further defiance of the goddess, wove humiliating scenes of divine indiscretions with mortals. Athena in a fury beyond measure, destroyed Arakhne’s loom and tapestry, as Arakhne fled in terror...

All very nice to know, but let us now dive into the epic music, the mix of strong voices, great melodies and strong powers that lift the music to a higher level:

It all starts with Martyr (the dark and symphonic intro): it feels like a scary movie and the beginning of a movie about ancient Greece. The backings are very powerful and make it sound like the perfect opening track. Reflected features Fabio Lione and is a perfect cooperation between people who bring a song from a different angle and make it work like 1+1=3! The drums bang hard, whilst the symphonic part is warm and well worked out. We clearly hear some drama and hope that it will be the same on stage. The lead guitar is absolutely delicious! Weakness lies within sounds a bit like Christina Aguilera (yes, I admit: I’m a fan) goes metal, followed by a fitting choir. It’s just amazing how good the vocals sound: strong and walking over the vocal chords as if it was a walk in the park. The guitar play is once again very good. It sounds a bit like opera metal, the way a great crowd would absolutely love. Time Immemorial has some heavy grunting, slow downs and sonic explosions. I even hear some breakbeats and symphonic part going crazy! It’s for sure a track on fire! Nouthtetisis feat Jeff Waters is another epic highlight with dramatic twists and great guitar play. I don’t want to say it too much, but it’s very clear that Iliana is a very talented singer. Afraid No More has even a cool piano and sounds like a duet taken out of an ancient opera, mixed with an epic symphonic metal sound. Showdown feat Chiara Malvestiti sounds heavenly, just close your eyes and listen to the angelic voices, whilst the drums, the guitars and the symphonic sound carry you into the story. It’s just unbelievable how easy you are dragged into the story. The Taste of Defeat sounds very bitter, but the instruments and the vocals are just divine. It’s clear that the studio work has been done by somebody who knows what to do with this kind of music. In Hiding sounds simply so great that I can’t wait to hear it on stage: listen to the dramatic feel and the legendary vocals as it is symphonic heaven! It all fits, it all shines, as far as I get: it all are jewels! The closing tracks are mesmerizing and great! Thy end with a big emotional boom:  I spare You & A gift of Curse!

To me it’s clear that this will be one of those bands not to miss: the new album has it all to make it, the quality is here and the guest artists are well chosen. This is symphonic metal heaven!

Can’t wait to see them on stage!

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