EX-RZ & Fenne Kuppens – 17 seconds (Starman Records)

  Van Muylem    31 oktober 2016

Peter Slabbynck (EX-RZ) surprises us again, this time with the nice duet and cover version of a culthit (17 seconds from The Cure)! He sings together with Fenne Kuppens (Whispering Sons: they won Humo's Rock Rally)! Ages ago Peter reached with his former band Red Zebra the same finals, didn't win but put his mark on the punk/Wave world. There is a gap of 36 years between both, but that doesn't bother them and you don't hear in the final result. 

If you listen to the music you'll recognize the classic guitar play, with that lovely retro touch (thanks to Frits Standaert). I notice an important role played by the drums: they give it a dramatic touch, sounding as gun shots (shooting at the right moment). The mix of both voices is also something new and it makes you long to more of this. Peter wanted here voice to jump in when the lyrics say that a women starts to sing and it all fits so well. I hear a magical touch and an extra dramatic feel rendering the power of this culthit. This is clearly a must have for all retro lover and I am hoping that the guys from The Cure read this and invite them to perform their version as warming up or as extra guest as it's simply becoming more and more a special moment and the more you listen to it the more you absolutely love it!

I hope somebody sends this request to the right person to make it happen ...

The single and video are out since 21/10/2016!