Hell:Sector - The Violent Breed (Battlefront Audio)

  Van Muylem    12 november 2016

I have been following this band for a while and they have never disappointed me. If you don’t know them yet: they play harsh electronics, detuned guitars and aggression to the industrial frontline.

The main story of this new EP is painting a dark picture of human violence, corrupt leaders, religion as a propaganda tool and the harshness at times found in humanity.

 For The Dead starts with a mix of (heavy metal) guitars and beats followed by a harsh voice dragging it into aggrotech. It’s a heavy beat-up track! I can imagine this one will be played during a lot of underground parties. The backings gives it a scary feel, reminding us of a dark history, the dark side of history and mass executions, annihilation, terror …

Hate Vessel dives deeper into the raging, but also goes well for club land and live on stage! Feel the energy and unleash the beast! 7-2-8-2-6 is the title track, but I ignore (so far) the meaning of these numbers. The song is about the failure of humanity and rages on from the first until the last second. Now that Trump has triumphed I can see the bigger picture, however I don’t think they wrote this track with this in mind (as it was written long before the end of the elections). Wrath calls in the apocalypse. I hear a club hit in it!

It’s simply an EP filled with possible hits, no fillers and that says it all about this band! It’s one of those must see bands!