Kolmteist - Mustad Linnud

  Van Muylem    13 november 2016

I run into these Estonian folks via a friend of my wife, whose brother plays in this band and I must say: they absolutely surprised me! See them as a mix of Metsatöll (singing in Estonian, pagan metal-minded) and Sepultura (yup if you listen good even some Belgian Asociality).

I picked out some info from the bio, just to please those who want to know more about this band: It all began in 2001 on the last day of August, in Tõrva, a  small town situated in Southern Estonia. An hour before the next gig  it became clear that the bass player ,from long forgotten band by now, was not going to turn up. Within minutes approximate instructions were given to another  guy, and so the very first gig of that new group were before of their first rehearsal. At first that band was called  Rude, it was a mixture of punk  and post-grunge sounds through to  nu-metal to current sound and style. Gigs took place on smaller and bigger venues, also  some recordings were taken. Up until 2012 the band changed its name and started to sing in Estonian. It’s the band called Kolmteist (number 13 in Estonian) as we know it today. Singer and guitarist is Rain, Helmer plays bass and also sings back vocals,  Lembit is on the drums.

Hoog on sees – Go, we don`t stop: the opening track sounds like the Estonian version of Sepultura (during Roots, bloody roots): it’s a song on fire with lot of raging and screaming vocals! The drums and bass are on fire. It sounds pretty fat and aggressive, pumping up and filling your body with natural steroids!

Hääled peas – Voices in the head:  has cool guitars and a clear bass. The screaming goes so hard hat you expect that one might lose his voice by the end of the song! I love the spirit of this song.

Mustad linnud – Black birds: starts with an acoustic guitar and a violin. It’s a sad song, about thinking about somebody who died. Don’t think about him when you see black birds flying. It’s all in the spirit of Odin. The vocals sound more and more raw towards the end, getting drunk because of the sadness and the grief. Rain tells me his version (after I have send him my first draft) and I quote him: ‘this song can be a strait forward farewell song to all my friends or it can be about war, and the black birds are actually war planes. So it has many different interpretations.’

Muusikud mullast – Musicians from the dust : has the bass taking the lead, it sounds raw and heavy and ready to conquer! Ashes to ashes, dust to dust! Seems like our zombies are really alive!

Mäleta mind – Remember Me; is a melancholic song, led by a violin and raw vocals. The drums are also great!

Saagu pimedus – Let there be darkness: starts with something that sounds like a synth, before the fat sound explodes and raw vocals shred the silence to pieces! The backings fire up the tempo and give it something extra! I really cherish the way they mixed the bass in the front of their sound (sadly on most metal CD’s the bass is most of the time like almost hidden).

Surm siin või... – Death her or... sounds pretty dark and scary. Still due to the cool backings it’s hard to stand still during this one! I can feel that it might be a hit on stage! It’s one of their best tracks so far!

Valge surm – Sweet cocain : I already reviewed a band called Cocaine Piss (it sounded like a mix between Punk and a gimmick, but the people whom I tortured whilst playing it loud asked me firmly to turn it off as it was too bad), well this one just made a homerun! It’s dark, raw and dangerous!

Vanaisa sõda – Grandfathers war : tells us more about the occupation and still feels as if it all can happen again (and actually some really fear for it, after what happened to the Ukraine). It feels real, dark and fueled by real emotions!

Veelkord – Again : starts with some bleeps, but turns pretty fast into a roaring guitar sound with heavy screaming and grunting! The backings are pretty scary and fit really perfect to the whole vibe!

Väsinud – Tired: is how they feel after giving it all and looking around. It’s a sad song, with a melancholic violin but it explodes before you make up your mind by thinking it will end gently. It’s the perfect end to this great album!

I’m really happy with this new discovery and hope they’ll find pretty fast a record company!