Blutengel – Complete (Out of Line)

  Van Muylem    14 november 2016

Blutengel is always in some kind of evolution, yet they keep their strength and keep on being very interesting. Their sound is richer and opens the eyes of the non-believers! Their new single is yet again a blast!And yes there will be more in 2017 as the new album has also been announced!

Quote from the promotional note: “One of the most incisive experiences in every person's life is the loss of a dear one. Blutengel-singer and mastermind Chris Pohl has forged this painful yet inevitable part of everyone's existence into his most intense single to date.” This makes they are able to work out real feelings and create a cool track around it. The single edit has even a touch of Depeche Mode: mixing the bleeps, with some guitars and a typical (anno 2016 Blutengel feel). The loss here could be a partner, a kid, parents … The thankful words mark that there was a good relationship, marking the pain of this loss. I adore the way it’s done. Somehow it also sounds like the perfect track to end a gig and thank the fans. The Massive Ego remix of the sings makes it more club friendly and sounds like an earworm too (it’s a great remix). Nowhere is also very club minded, sounds a bit darker and has the old school Blutengel feel. I’m pretty sure lots of fans will adore this one and might even prefer it above the original single track. It’s clear that Blutengel is marking the top as aim (but if you listen to the lyrics it seems like as if they feel they already reached it)! Dusk is an instrumental track that reminds me a bit of the minimal wave CD that Apoptygma Berzerk recently launched: purely for retro lovers (80’s sound).

I’m happy I got this one and can’t wait to see them back on stage! Once again they proved that evolution is a good thing, as in without evolution you die (or the fans run away). The good thing is that this evolution went on without losing the original reel out of sight and that makes that they can only achieve a bigger fan base!