Steel Messiah - Of Laser and Lightning EP

  Van Muylem    24 december 2016

Steel Messiah honors it’s heroes with this EP: Judas Priest, Mötorhead, Iron Maiden and Whitesnake. They are German youngsters and only started up in 2013, but already sound as if one can call them their heroes! This is old school metal heaven!

The artwork reminds me a bit of Manowar, the masters of camp metal and I don't think that's an accident, but hey let's focus on the music!

Struck By Lightning has sharp guitars, exploding drums, great solo’s, powered up backings and lead vocals that knows how to scream. The title goes well with the track as it is at it is: you are getting struck by lightning! It’s simply finger licking good and filled with energy! Dr. Steel sounds even more into retro ‘80’s: the guitars and vocals (Cold Metal from Iggy Pop mixed with some screams).

It’s impossible to stand still, you just have to start moving along and start playing as if you are part of the band. Bringer of Pain is even very catchy, with a touch of Goth in it. Listen to the guitars: sliding, peeping and rolling … Fear Dracula, he might be coming … Dracula or some other monster … Another great title that describes the band in a perfect way is Fast n' Sharp! They close the EP with Motorcycle Maniac and that one feels a bit like an ode to Lemmy: it’s raw, hard and fast! The backings lift it up whilst we get the driving vibe.

I enjoyed this trip, however not everybody around me enjoyed the screaming, but at least they loved the sound and the guitars. I’m pretty sure that they will grow and get more and more fans over the years and make us forget that most of our heroes will be death by then.