Grave Digger – Healed by Metal (Napalm Records)

  Van Muylem    6 januari 2017

Classics like Headbanging Man and Heavy Metal Breakdown quickly established Grave Digger as one of Germany`s pioneering metal acts in the early 80’s read again my review of their previous CD and you’ll notice more jewels) – fast forward 36 years since the band`s formation, and their attitude hasn`t changed! They still sound like on fire and the vocals are pretty close to how mister Lemmy would sound anno 2017: raw, raging and true!

The title track (Healed By Metal) sounds like a classic anthem: stomping, hot and with great backings! It feels like the gods of metal are descending to heal us all with the power of metal! Be ready to rock and sing-a-long! It’s for sure a new hit for them and will reign whilst played on stage! I sense it was written after the death of Lemmy, as a tribute and with the goal to heal all the sad fans and give them a shoulder tap! With this one they for sure continue to build and enlarge their kingdom! It’s a bit camp, it’s a bit glam: but it’s hard and heavy and just the way I love it! Rock on baby and fuck the world! Almost with no time to catch some breath the next one already throws a bomb: When The Night Falls. Listen to the lyrics and hear about the heroes who died, we die side by side; nothing can divide us … its battle time and so are all the instruments sharpened. It’s a heavy metal beauty! The guitar solo is just perfect, surrounded by talented people! Lawbreaker is yet another one that might be written for Lemmy, listen to the start of it and check out the lyrics. The ramming sound and catchy backings turns it into another killer anthem that will turn into an instant hit! I’m only 3 songs far and I can already conclude I got the feeling this is a best of: every track is just top!

Free Forever has an 80’s sound, with a catchy feel. The band of brothers rides out together and gives it all for you! Riding out feels like being free forever! Call For War is a very smooth and catchy track that might have been written by Manowar as I only miss the whipping sound and clashing swords! I might repeat myself, but this one is yet again a great anthem! It’s just epic and marvelous! Ten Commandments of Metal: is just as the title shouts out! Hail the Ten Commandments of Metal and stay true! The Hangman’s Eye is the only track that flies without noticing much of it whilst the erotic Kill Ritual grabs you by the balls: time to bleed, satisfaction guaranteed! Ow, yeah, baby! Use ty sword! I’m not a believer, so a track like Hallelujah is not directly getting my attention, but the lyrics go further than what you think. For your sins you’ll be crucified! Ha! Laughing with The Dead is a perfect end track; it goes well with the idea behind this band! It starts slowly, a bit like a Berserker who needs to catch some breath before starting his part of the battle. I think at a certain time it was even a ritual to do before going to battle.

Well I enjoyed it and will for sure share with with my son who also loves metal (like Manowar, Iron Maiden, Battlelore …). I loved it and so do you?