AfterTime – World We’ve Lost

  Van Muylem    9 januari 2017

I must say that sometimes we get nice stuff from bands that approach us, this time it comes from the US, Minnesota! We hear some Symphonic Female fronted Metal that sounds like a mix between Nightwish and Within Temptation. With an emphasis on storytelling, AfterTime incorporates cinematic orchestra and memorable melodies to produce a class of metal that will appeal to a diverse audience.

As it’s the first time we review them we’ll give some extra info: formed in the last days of 2011 by Brad Sturgis and Chris Radke, AfterTime began composing the songs that would later be released on their debut EP The Fall of Light. Over the next three years the band was joined by AJ Blakesley, Sarah Wolf, and Malachi Arndt on drums, vocals, and bass respectively. The Fall of Light was released on April 15th, 2016. AfterTime received genuine praise for their debut release and sales reached as far as The United Kingdom, Japan, and Brazil. Moving toward their sophomore release, AfterTime has had the opportunity to work with notable figures as Lukas Knoebl, Jacob Hansen and Gogo Melone. AfterTime has shared the stage with Symphonic Metal titans Epica and look forward to playing with Delain and Hammerfall in early 2017.

On this EP we only get four tracks, I say only because I feel like I can’t wait to get a full album and watch them grow! It’s a nice warming up, showing what their potential is and I must say: I’m impressed! The lead track is a powerful symphonic blast with clean and profound touching female vocals. The guitars sound great, the bombastic sound explodes and implodes as if the sound was impersonated by sea waves. The fragility merges from time to time and turns it into a pearl, just like the explosive parts gives it the energy needed. We get more than enough variety. It’s a challenge to keep us warm and interested from the beginning until the end but they succeed con brio. Forge Your Destiny sounds like what they have been doing the past years and has strong vocals (choir and grunts included). The bombastic feel reigns, just as the instruments who are on fire! It’s for sure a powerful track! Reflection is a sensitive ballad, led by a piano and an angel on the vocals. Sarah Wolf is clearly the perfect one to sing it! Seems like we discovered a new star on the female fronted metal heaven! It’s clear that so far she can’t do what Kassy (Mercy Isle and by this I mean: grunting, growling and clean singing in the same time and still holding on to a high class level) can do, but what we hear from her is already good enough to catch our attention! Masquerade (Through The Façade) sounds a bit like Delain and that is a good thing. The symphonic sound goes well with the guitars whilst the vocals reign. It might even become a hit on stage.

It’s only four songs, but I already can’t wait to see them on stage or get more new stuff from them! They got me hooked and that is always a good start!