SNUFF – Intravenus EP (Industrosity)

  Van Muylem    14 januari 2017

I reviewed SNUFF in the past and liked them, more recently they have send me a copy of their newest EP and here it is:

Blood Milk starts electronically, softly, with a female whispering voice. It sounds very mysterious, dragging you into their world. I like the synths and the electronic effects. After a while it all explodes a bit, gets some drum’n bass and industrial sounds: pumping up the tempo. It sounds a bit like the female version of Aesthetic Perfection or the more aggressive version of Hooverphonic. Shibari sounds very sexy and yet a bit scary with the roaring beats as if the end of the world is coming and we need to tie us or attach us to something strong to possible survive whatever is coming (and it’s coming very slowly, just as the tempo). Alicia May knows how to captivate us with her voice! The darkness doesn’t sound like coming from Australia, rather from Scandinavia as the beats are cold, dark and dangerous. The lyrics are about a strange way of loving one: bounding, eating the partner, getting into symbiosis, tearing apart …

The main track Intravenus explains it perfectly with the right beats and the trembling vocals: with love nothing will ever be the same! After a while you even start to dance a little bit and get into the mood for more. At some point I even hear some Neikka RPM in it, or was it me? More ambient darkness comes with the sexy sound of Gaslight. Icarus is the last track, are heading for a crash or a crush? The industrial breaks a bit with the electro and eclectic sound and ends with something very sexy!

I loved it, felt the vibe and now want to share it with you! From Australia with love!