Rusalka Project (Album + Comic Book) – Rusalka (FYB Records)

  Van Muylem    11 april 2017

Rusalka Project is a story based on Polish Legends, story is told in the comic book and on CD album. The comic book has been realized by Alain Poncelet and Valérie Reniers. The music is performed by Karolina Pacan (vocals), Μichel Stiakakis (strings, all kind of sorts), Félix Poncelet  (winds) and Christophe Van Cappellen (percussionist). Karolina (Skeptical Minds) sings in her mother language, giving it the perfect touch. The project will be launched during Trolls et Légendes in Mons!

We get 9 songs and I could already listen to some demo versions in the past (check the interview). Now that it’s all done it feels like we can have a part II, but let’s not rush things too much … But before we start I have to unveil a bit of the background info: Rusalka is a character present in the polish mythology and also in other eastern countries. She's an immortal creature who seduces guys and then she kills them to take their soul and energy that feeds her. The music is all about folk traditional acoustic music. No electric instrument but only  traditional acoustic instruments: flutes, bagpipe, cretan laouto, cretan lyra, cretan mandolin, mantoura, chamanic drums. It goes to the deep roots of Cretan and Polish traditional music.

Let’s start with the first track Zsmyslowa Smierc. It’s a slow track that starts with a spoken word, a folky sound and Laouto (creating almost a medieval feel). The percussions and the flute gives it a special touch. I can see some people slowly coming closer with torches, slowly but certainly the tempo rises and it starts to feel like the beginning of the party or is it rather the summoning of the beast? My Polish is sadly enough nihil. Legenda must tell the story of this album and introduce it furthermore, whilst a flute and strings play their tune. Co Ja Zrobilam goes deeper into the folky sound, with a certain musical feel with Cretan influences and Karolina whispering and singing like as if it was a lullaby. With Serce Sie Budzi comes a more medieval touch (listen to the flute and the strings), it could even be described as a medieval dance. The vocals sound very fragile. During Zakochani we can clearly hear how good Karolina’s voice sounds when she’s not singing in a metal band. The tune and tempo is just perfect for a medieval party, so start dancing around switching partner every now and then. We can say the same thing about her vocal powers during Sielanka, a nice medieval/folk kind of ballad. Historia goes a bit faster and even has a bagpipe in it. The percussions lift the tempo and gives it something exciting! Dawne Dzieje sounds like a fragile medieval/folk ballad with great vocals and ready for a slow dance party too! Przemiana is already the last track and has a fast tempo, fired up by the percussions, the flute and the strings.

For me it’s clear that Karolina has a great voice and I hope she will continue using it this way. It has also become very clear that working together with Alain and Mich is always a shot in the rose! I can’t wait to see the comic book and unveil their passionate work! Next stop is Mons during the Trolls et Légendes!

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