Shatoo – Movies (Sub Culture Records)

  Van Muylem    29 april 2017

Shatoo is a typical 80’s New Wave band that made a few years ago a cool comeback presenting new tracks with the same poppy feel, shining and o so happy tunes. Norway sends once again it’s positive vibes throughout the world!
Dag Brandth is still a great singer, just as the folks around him knows how to craft catchy tunes! So we get a Radio Edit for Movies (start dancing, show your lighters, shed a tear …) and one Single Version by Technomancer feat. Angst Pop (with some extra special effects). Both tracks have been mastered by ex-YELLO member Carlos Perón who also did the mastering on Nothing That I Wouldn't Do and the remastering of the reissues for A True Story, Life and Dag's solo-album, Tranquillity).

I can’t wait for a new full album, as they promised a while ago!