Gene Loves Jezebel – Heavenly Bodies (Westworld)

  Van Muylem    11 mei 2017

I know this band vaguely and noticed they are touring with The Mission. After listening to some tracks I got hooked and must say that both bands blend in well. I’m not saying they both play Alternative gothic rock, but I feel the same emotional touch in their music, brought to us with passion.

None less but 15 tracks on their new album and what a sound! Been listening to it the all afternoon in a loop without getting bored for one second! Their sound is simply amazing and perfect!

The album starts with American Dreamer. I like the retro touch, a bit like a Simple Minds tracks with synths, typical retro guitar sound and great vocals. It has a bit of a bombastic thing going on whilst I can feel a live vibe (making it for sure a great track to play on stage). Wild Horse rocks on, with cool battle cries, a swinging guitar solo and more stuff that will make it explode during a gig! I feel clearly that this album has been written to be performed and loved by the fans when played live! Its’s a catchy rock’n roll pearl! Josephina starts very romantic, but explodes pretty fast into stadium rock with a retro guitar sound! Any Anxious Color sounds very fragile, with a country & western touch (a bit also like the track from Poison: Every rose has it’s torn), mixed with some soul & Gospel (listen to the backings). Break The Chain sounds very catchy; I can almost hear the crowd sing-a-long and enjoy every note. It’s a cool one, sweet and hard to resist! Don’t try to sit still during this one, won’t work anyway, just move along with the rhythm. Down has a cool retro sound, whilst the guitars keep on rocking. Once again I feel like moving and almost shouting along as it’s once again a sticky chorus!

In a Lonely Place is slow one, melancholic and with a depressive feel like only the best bands can bring it! The piano renders in a perfect way the sound needed to make it feel real! The end really touches you deeply! Sweet Sweet Rain sounds sweet and a bit bombastic, again with a touch of Simple Minds (gosh: I really love it)! The guitar hurls and howls, whilst the vocals enchant us and makes a sticky in our head! Rosary is yet another catchy one that will play for a long time inside your head, just as Heavenly Body!

Voice in the Dark is a soft rocker that has a Mick Jagger (singing high and low) touch and a sexy feel. The piano plays a nice part, giving it a bit of a jazzy feel! Josephina start to rock for the second time, I have no clue why (but it’s a nice one, so don’t mind). Life without Love is so sweet and rocks! The catchy sound appears to be their trademark! Tomorrow’s Colours is a soft one, making you float and start dreaming. The acoustic guitar and the vocals give it a dramatic touch. Josephina (extended) might be a bit of overkill, but once again: it’s nice one and I just enjoy it for the third time!

I must say that this one was a nice surprise: I really enjoyed it! I hope you give it a try too!