Dnr & Do (Progress Productions)

  Van Muylem    31 juli 2017

Sometimes a simple shout out is enough to get a new great EP from a band. In this case I was listening to Auto-Auto and got this one as follow-up by Gordon Schumway. Retro sound and lots of fun time as it was the whole afternoon on repeat before starting to actually review it and yes: I didn’t get bored! Sweden got talent (part 2)!

This Ep contains four songs sung in Swedish (an I don’t speak nor understand this language), yet I got hooked! Part of the excuse is the music: it’s pretty sticky and I adore the retro touch. Huvuden Skall Rulla is a poppy track with nice vocals. I hear a bit of melancholy in it, yet it makes you jump a bit up and down, whilst making waves with your arms (for sure during the chorus).

Vädergud is a foot stomping (great – electronical – drums) track with a very catchy chorus and ready for the dancefloor! No clue what it means, but this is just a synth pop heavenly track! It’s hard to resist, so simply start dancing! Tu tu, M pala pala, something phonetic like this is going on in my head! Hell, yeah! Spöken (Elegi För Elis) sounds like the Swedish version of The Cure. Listen to the guitars and then listen to Like Cockatoos. Well, anyway: it’s a lovely and soft song that moves on softly, whilst making little waves.

Parallella Världen is co driven by a synth and the drum machine, whilst the vocals seems to evocate something, a bit like some witch chant (I just finished season 5 of Vampire diaries, you know). This is a more intimate and heads down moment, with now and then a horn blowing, just to keep your attention. They also have a very catchy new single out called Nollsju (a real earworm).

Well, it was not as good as Auto-Auto, but I loved the time I listened to it and that means a lot! Well, I might have to learn Swedish to appreciate it more?


  1. Huvuden Skall Rulla
  2. Vädergud
  3. Spöken (Elegi för Elis)
  4. Parallella Världen