Cloé du Trèfle – Entre L’infime et L’infini (Trèfle Prod.)

  Van Muylem    6 augustus 2017

Since our last interview I was getting impatient to get the new album. Today I finally got it (even a bit before it will reach the world, so I can be proud of this early bird) and I can only say that I’m delighted! The great thing is that she keeps on innovating and found two soulmates who play cello like real master at work: Thècle Joussaud & Céline Chappuis.

We get 12 songs, sometimes in French, sometimes in English and even sometimes combined. One thing will always stay the same: her beautiful siren voice, her sense of humor and the playing with words in a poetic and funny way! She starts with Ça Tange (radio edit) a creative mix of piano, cello and electronic parts. She whispers and sometimes even sounds as if shredding a tear whilst singing from the deepest part of her heart. Her passion and sad feelings gets deeply into you: it moves you to tears. It has been a long time since somebody touched me so deeply. The cello duo is really a great extra, as they give it a more melancholic sound. It’s simply a great track, a real - crafted by a professional – diamond.

Cet Air Lancinant is the next jewel, this time it sounds a bit happier, almost like in love. Feel the cello’s playing the role of butterflies. The electronic part gives it an Avant-Garde touch (a bit Like the Gods of Avant-Garde: Deine Lakaien, but then sung in French and not in German). I hear now and then some special effects on the vocals, something that give’s it layers. Dazed has the same Avant-Garde touch, with the tickling Cello’s and the electronical part. One part stays for long in my head: “I’m fighting for peace”. Somehow it feels as if she’s clearing up her head and fights out all that haunts her head. Once again I can only scream out how great this track sounds.

La Méprise et le mépris: it’s this typical thing for her, this playing with words. She has clearly talent for lyrical poetry. The song sounds a bit the same: as playing with words and with music, a bit on a happy tune without having to worry about anything (in an electronical way, mixed with the cello’s). Nous even sounds a bit jazzy, building it up layer by layer. Her voice is tender, almost whispering. Once again she’s playing with the words, putting them in a different time and making a story out of it. She’s a real genius! There is even a male contribution in it. Sinking In Love must become a hit or I have no feeling at all for good tracks! Listen again to the layers in the vocals (like a real siren). The song is very catchy and very moving. It’s simply one of her best songs ever. It’s almost impossible to stand still and not to start singing along. Where’s the clip, is my only question in the end!

Do You Know it’s Time is partially sung in French and partially sung in English. It sounds a bit like soft techno comes close enough to one of my favorite tracks from Silke Bisschoff: Love Never Dies. Fact is that I even hear a potential for DJ’s, if they dare to play it and try it out! Time for a little playtime with the musical part: Bulles. It’s a nice intermezzo: a piano that appeals happy moments whilsthe cello’s weep and create a bit of wind. It sounds a bit like popping bubbles. Tu t’élances sounds pretty sexy, like slowly moving towards the bed, knowing what will follow. Fact is that it’s a nice power play between the electronical part, the cello’s and the angelic voice. And yes: it’s o so catchy! A more classical play comes in with the very diificult title: Réminiscence d’un ré mineur (another time of playing with words). Cloé plays piano as if part of the finals for a piano concour, whilst the cello’s gently weep. That Hill sounds like time for some guitar play, in a gently way, whilst singing like an angel in a jazzy way. The song goes up and down, building up the tension towards the end. It’s a great song to end with (a big bang). There is one more song: Au-Delà des Mots. It feels a bit like floating in a gently way, whilst the catchy side stays on. When the music suddenly stops and the CD is over it feels like you are in pain, almost like a drug addict: you want more and push the repeat all button.

Well, we can be proud for Cloé: she did an amazing job and found the right people to craft this chest filled with diamonds, gold and lots of pearls! It feels like as if Jack Sparrow finally found his chest and can finally retire!

But: we want to see it now on stage! Ha ha! Mesmerize us one more time, before it’s our time to go!