THIS CAN HURT – When Nothing Matters (Lacienda Records)

  Van Muylem    18 augustus 2017

This Can Hurt is a new project with JP De Brabander (ex-DeLaVega) and Jac Noise. When Nothing Matter  came out last year, but one of the bandmembers had a serious accident just when the promotionnal machie should have been fired off and thus had to cancell all promotionnal activities. They decided to give it a new go once they can pick up again the live vibe and focus on the promotion rather than having to deal with getting better.

In the promotionnal message they describe themselves “as a mix between Muse and Massive Attack with every now and then some experimental influences from Nine Inch Nails to Marilyn Manson.”

Frankly I recognize other bands in it (except for the experimental influences) and the most appealing is for sure one of Belgium’s finest export product: Triggerfinger. The songs are mostly dark and sound sometimes a bit scary but never go as hard as Marilyn Manson, however hey could have gone that way with compromizing too much. I must be honest: I have never heard of them before, but their music intriged me and triggered my envy to review them (and I get way too much review request, so that says more than 1.000 words).

If You Go starts softly with a piano and something like tickling on a violin, afterwards changing into a more Triggerfinger-minded (and this is really something very positive) direction with raw vocals. Towards the end it gets a more melancholic tone and a higher rock’n roll-feel. It’s pretty catchy and hard to shake off.

Danka is a slow one, but sounds dark and treatening. Count in the roaring guitars and you know it sounds nice. The vocals sound from time to time a bit metallic (giving it a special touch). All-in all it’s a great track.

Colder sounds as if Rock’n roll took out a cold wave-jacket and decided to go for a retropop T-shirt. Once again the vocals of Ray M are marvellous: giving it a highlight, next to the synth and the bass. Somehow this song sounds different from the other songs on the album, but it’s also a nice one. I think this is a possible direction for the near future. The vocals sound pretty clean, the music is melodic and renders the pretty catchy part of it.

Mindblower goes softer then expected when I read the title-track and could have been indeed a bit harser with some aggressive undertone in it. maybe it will sound better on stage? It’s a slow growerand I feel like there could have been a bit more pathos and a more explosive sound. The bass sounds fantastic; but again it screams for more!

Black Love carries the love for Marilyn Manson, together with a bluesy feel and a deformed voice. Here again comes that feeling that it could have sounded a bit more explosive and brutal. Go for it! But I feel that it might grow out to become an excellent live track if they get this message.

Bleed is a bit more fun, with more rock’n roll in it, a nice synth and roaring guitars. It’s clearly a hot and steamy song with whispering vocals that gets that sexy touch and might turn on a lot of ladies. I adore the extra backings as they give it that extra pinch needed and that extra powerful touch!

Rising Sun is also a hot and sexy track. I like the lyrics, just as the electronic bleeps and the bass. For me this is one of the highlights of the album.

Change explodes in the beginning, followed by clean vocals (proving how good this guy can sing). I cherrish the guitars as they really sound sexy, just as the screaming. The chorus is catchy as hell! This one is clearly another highlight and will be for sure a blast on stage!

Codex is the kind of songs I normally skipp: an industrial minded track with vocals that got deformed into something weird. You will hear some historical talking, but I honestly don’t care much and dare to ask: why record it as it doesn’t really fit into this album? Did you need a filler?

I prefer a track like Runaway: a cool rocker with vocals that remind me a bit of Triggerfinger. The melancholic part is something I really adore. This song somehow reminds me of another song, but even after listening to it for quit some time I have to let go this idea. Maybe it’s simply because it’s a great track that can be played on our national radio?

You always have to close an album with one of the best tracks of the album, so that people use the repeat function or can conclude with the words: what a blast! Well: Nothing Matters has it! I hear some experimental influences that brings us back to my beloved Nine Inch Nails (listen to the industrial part, the floating piano and think about a pearl called Reptile). I also adore the melancholic part in the vocals: making it a very sticky song, it really stays like clued on to you (a bit like the monster in Alien: it only leaves you when the song has ended and has grown out to be a complted track)! The sadness is another thing that will touch you deeply, like only the very best artist can do it!

Well, it’s clearly a great album: crafted by masters. I just want to give some friendly advize to make the album better and stronger and get it to a higher feel, but it’s all about some small details. I’m pretty sure they will blow us out of our  socks once on stage! I’m really looking forward to see them live and hopefully will meet them one day! Belgium got talent!