Toshiki Project – Savior EP (TSK Records Production)

  Van Muylem    28 september 2017

Sometimes you get stuff from far away, stuff that normally wouldn’t have reached out to you. Today it’s a Japanese artist presenting us 2 symphonic metal tracks and I got it via Helcanen Val who was so nice to introduce me. The artwork is pretty nice as it reminds me a bit the Final Fantasy game.

Most of the time I hear Japanese male vocals, with now and then a few words in English. The drums are exploding whilst the guitar slides and burns in a very melodic way. It sounds like a nice mix of 2 singers: a clean voice and a more brutal and raw voice (but it’s the same guy proving he can do a lot with his vocals). Sometimes it sounds like speed metal mixed with some hair metal. It’s pretty obvious that Savior got me hooked. Bright Future starts a bit in a chaotic way, but becomes more melodic towards the end, whilst the vocals go high and low. Once again the music sounds as if on fire. It’s for sure brought with lots of pathos and energy.

Two songs is a bit short, but for me it gave a good impression. So I even got a third song, in a seperate package: Deceiving Love a heavy metal track filled with pathos. The guitars sound very loud, just as the raffling drums. Towards the end it sounds more like a screaming slow. My PC describes it as religious music and that might be the case, but hey I don’t speak any Japanese. Feel free to check it out!

I’m looking forward to get more from them and hope this introduction was a good teaser for you too?