COBURG – The Enchantress (Evolve Or Die Records)

  Van Muylem    20 oktober 2017

COBURG are a Symphonic Rock band based in London, UK. Anastasia Coburg is also a talented model and worked in the past as part of the promotional chapter of Sub Culture Records and toured with Naked Lunch (yes: The legendary band).

A cold Day in Hell has already been released and for what I recall this is slightly another version. It’s symphonic Rock from a high level with a real queen on vocals. Her bandmates are also giving it all and the mixing of it all is just perfect. I just can’t believe my ears: it sounds as if it’s track number 500 of an professional and very experienced band. The bridges, the U-turns, the special effects … it all blends in as if created by the best artists of the world. I could write a book about this track: filled with only positive notes. Echoes in The Night sounds as sung with a sore throat: raw and dangerous, whilst the guitars and synths are fighting for your attention. The singing monks gives it a special touch, as if a great danger is coming whilst I also hear some influences that could have been marked by Ashley Dayour (Whispers in The Shadow, The Devil and The Universe …).

The Hall of Ghosts sounds pretty mature with lots of interesting twist and a cool symphonic touch. I also enjoyed the drums. Into The Darkness starts with a spooky sound and roaring guitars. Once the synth completely awakens the guitar and the drums follow. Anastasia comes back with clean vocals that remind me a little bit of Bonnie Tyler (yes: in a very positive way). The music enchants the scary story. Requiem is a cool symphonic rock screamer (with some tender moments) that will blow you out of your socks. It’s good that the tempo lowers from time to time in order to catch some breath. I really adore the guitar play and the vocals.

The Enchantress starts as a cool rocker with nice changes in the tempo and multi layered vocals. Thy Dagger sounds like the perfect song for a morning run, a bit like during a Rocky movie. The synth plays an important role. The end could have been cut down, but the mysterious end has also a certain meaning. Till The Bitter End is a soft but bitter song filled with venom, pain and torment. Once again the vocals sound very mature and perfect. Warrior’s Blood is one of my favorite tracks as it well fueled, raged, well sung and with a high drive and lots of energetic twists. The guitars are on flame and I even hear some soul in the vocals. It sounds a bit like a younger version of Tina Turner, but with great balls on fire (in this case: the guitars).

Rise is a gentle and fragile ballad showing off her vocal powers as it slowly explodes into a symphonic rock ballad (the kind that will make you shed a tear). If this isn’t the best newcomer of the year then I don’t know it anymore! Fact is that I hope you all stumble into this new piece of art and buy the album as fast as you can!

Members are

Anastasia Coburg (Jet Noir, Naked Lunch) - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar & Synths

Dean Baker (Galahad, Twelve Night) - Synths, Programming & Backing Vocals

Mark Spencer (Galahad, Twelve Night) - Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals

Sarah Sanford (Jet Noir) - Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals

Pietro Coburg (Jet Noir) - Drums & Backing Vocals

The Enchantress is their' debut album and is due for release October 24th 2017 through Evolve Or Die Records.