Near Earth Orbit – Atom (Solar Lodge)

  Van Muylem    2 oktober 2017

Since I have seen them on stage at the Dubhfest I can’t wait to see them back on stage. Ashley Dayour told me he was working on 3 albums with 3 different bands/projects. It sounds a bit like David Bowie in his most productive times. The first one has been reviewed (The Devil & The Universe) and now I got the second one and once again he didn’t disappointed … I’m a happy man sharing his thoughts with you …

It seems very clear that Seth (vocals, guitars), Ashley and Jawa have found their path. This time it’s the world of ATOM that is in danger and maybe they are coming our way … Overlords is the first track and with this title you know that there is a dangerous alien life form out there. Is it already too late? The scary and spooky sound says enough: it announces the beginning of something horrific. The roaring machine sounds as if they depart from their dying world. On itself the sound is very rich, jazzy/rock minded and very loud with lots of variation. And yes: apparently the first contact has been made. The overlords are ready for more! Nine Billion Names of God gives a better insight on the troubles. Seems like we know The Overlords under so many names and yes: we have to fear for our extermination. The music fits the danger we are facing: a dark and raw voice mixed with electronics and a piano rendering the darkness in a very scary and obscure way.

Paths is more guitar minded with some electronics who deliver us the darkness whilst we get a fast forward look at the future regarding the path of interstellar travelling. Moonlet Pan takes a floating and almost peaceful start. I hear a big difference with the previous tracks. It feels a bit like putting Stanley Kubrik on music. Somehow the message from the future sounds soft and positive and that gives hope, just as Seth is softly whispering. Another ray of light comes from Lucifer Rising but it turns out to be a very melancholic and slow track (almost like a dark ballad). Atom has a certain retro New Wave sound, slightly floating with now and then some interesting bleeps. I think it even stands a chance on the dancefloor and see people slowly dance on it. Towards the end it gets more pathos and more energy. I would even call the end a bit eclectic.

The Last Theorem starts slowly in a very mysterious and mystic way, guided by very philosophical lyrics. Toward the end it sounds as if we lost it all after a nuclear blast. Life Beyond Earth floats and sounds very mysterious as if one doesn’t want us to know the truth. Still you hear the roaring sound: meaning there is some action going on beyond earth whilst we have again this Stanley Kubrik moment …

Wow and off course I go automatically back to the beginning, over and over and I hope you will follow! Once again they managed to blow me out of my shoes!