Skarlett Riot – Regenerate (Despotz Records)

  Van Muylem    21 oktober 2017

I must say that Despotz Records knows how to sign up brilliant artist and this time we will focus on the youngsters from The UK! I was already confronted with their high energetic and very passionate live shows - at Metal Female Voices Fest in Wieze - reviewed their first CD and EP and now I can throw myself reviewing their second album. I can say I can only bow for so much quality and devotion, you can read after this one why …

“Whereas their peers are all seemingly heading towards a lighter direction, Skarlett Riot are embracing the anger and aggression of the modern world and challenging it into some of their most challenging material to date. The commanding voice of Skarlett has taken on a bolder and more forceful presence, whilst the guitars of Danny are razor sharp and incisive, giving the rhythm section of Luke and Martin the room to progress and expand into a taut, almost hostile driving force, as the first single Break ably demonstrates!”

So far for the promo talk, let’s take the bull by the horns. As stated before Break is their first single and that is a good choice. It starts with an industrial feel and some symphonic reel. After the first minute the hell breaks out: drums explode, guitar snares catch fire whilst the vocals serve us something pretty catchy (despite the aggressive lyrics about escaping and breaking out from a relationship/painful situation). It’s simply the best way to start this new album as you are directly sucked into their world. It’s time also that the album sleeve is pretty cool: with that 70’s SF look. It reminds me book sleeves from Jack Vance, Keith Laumer and so much more from the golden SF era. Closer rages from the start with now and then some special effects on the vocals and some whispering. The lead guitar sound finger licking awesome. It’s clear that they found their way and interact with each other on a very high level.

Strand Alone could become a speed metal track with bombing drums, but Chloé’s vocals slow it a bit down and gives it a very melodic touch, together with some backings. I adore this one! What Lies Beneath sounds pretty sexy and is fuelled with high octane energy with a fat sound. I describe it a s a pretty melodic and a high level quality metal track. Calling has even a piano in it and sounds sad, melancholic as if regretting that you just broke up with the love of your life. Affliction sound like a sad ballad filled with energy and driven by emotions. Outcast sounds pretty catchy, melodic and has great vocals. Prepare yourself to jump up and down and imitate Skarlett.

Paralyzed is a fast track with a few cool downs and very agitated drums. The lyrics are not the most happiest of the album. The extra backings gives it the power needed to lift it and pin it as a powerful track. The Storm sounds like the title but is also a melodic and emotional track. Adding a piano to the sound is a nice extra. I love to see it performed on stage. The perfect closing track for this energetic album is without any doubt Warrior: a speeded up, powerful and emotional track that reflects the spirit of Skarlett Riot. Smoothly crafted and performed with the needed guts. It’s clearly my favorite track on the album and it screams out that this one needs to be the next single (and video).

Well: it’s pretty obvious that this album has the best songs so far crafted by Skarlett Riot. I can’t wait to see them in their natural habitat: performing on stage! I can only conclude that however this is a young band if you wouldn’t knew it you would put them on stage between Amon Amarth and AC/DC!