Gjöll – Residual

  Van Muylem    3 mei 2018

Japanese melodic metal with a lick of symphonic, that’s how they describe themselves. Well, add to that: great vocals lead by a real nightingale and talented musicians! Aha, sometimes we get cool stuff from all over the world and this time it comes from Japan: people who want to reach out to the rest of the world and we are eager to help them as we absolutely love their music!

The first song of this EP is the title track Residual and starts with heavy screaming (Tuhka is the guy’s name, it’s simply great) and guitars on fire. The bass sounds heavy and fat, just as I adore it. It takes a while before we hear for the first time Julia’s sweet voice. The song goes up and down, with lots of interesting twists. Sometime Julia’s voice changes into a more metallic one, just as if a robot is saying something. Towards the end we even hear a violin that adds a super extra sound it. We really reach the top with that one! Ragnarok Lovers starts with a bluesy sound, until Tuhka shreds it to pieces whilst Julia renders the sweeter part of the track. It’s sweetness mixed with bitterness and rage and this all produced in such a way that it all blends in, like as if it’s pure magic. The viola/violin and the piano part gives it a classical touch and shows that they also have a melodic side. The last 20 seconds are a bit turned to another side by the technical engineer as if he by accident turned a wrong button, but that is the only remark I have about the whole EP as besides that it’s simply a great track!

Secret Shame starts with a harp and a violin. Once Julia starts to sing it sounds a bit like a lullaby or a romantic track, whilst Tuhka is shredding it with his screaming and grunting. Step by step we learn about the secret and the real story of the song, changing it into a fragile one. Grudge Stains is clearly a rager with lots of energy and heavy vocals by Tuhka whilst Julia tries to soften it, playing a bit the beauty and the beast. You hear a bit of a symphonic sound in the background. The drums are rolling and getting smashed, while at some point the lead guitar player plays so fast and heavy that you think his fingers will start to bleed. It’s clear that this one demands for a live version and will be loved by heavy metal fans! And shit: the EP is already finished? I mean: I WANT MORE!

Hell, yeah! Gjöll really rocks and has it all to make it! I really hope other websites and magazine’s pick up their EP, radios have to play their tracks and organizations have to book them! If you are into metal, give them a chance, just like we did and we LOVE them!

Note: the EP is out on june 24!

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