Zone Tripper – The Forsaken Land (Sub Culture Records)

  Van Muylem    5 september 2018

It has been a while since Zone Tripper released something and today we get a brand new album called The Forsaken Land! It’s indeed a retro synth trip, a voyage to where no one has ever been: launching synth salvo’s and happy tunes!

Now, for those who still have to discover this cool artist, here’s some info: Zone Tripper is a self-proclaimed "Power Synth" project of Alyxx J. Digre aka Technomancer. Influenced by late 80's sci-fi and the big powerful synthesizer sound of the 80's, Zone Tripper is a Retro Wave revival of the late 80's Space Synth movement by projects such as LaserDance, Koto and Proxyon.

One of the things that has changed is that the artist is making a transgression from Roy to Alyxx, but apart from the sex change it has nothing to do with the music. Stepping out with this new was very brave and we wish her all the best in a time like this where lots of things change and will be of an important influence for the rest of her life!

Anti-Hero has been launched as first track and has a great video coming along (check underneath). Well next to this one on this new album you get 10 other powerful tracks, with the typical “Digre” sound. I know this artist by now well enough that I can even recognize a remix done by this artist, just because of the typical synth and electronic drum sound.

The album end’s with Crockett’s Theme a classic track that most of us know from Miami Vice and it’s the perfect ending for this cool album! Retro synth lovers simply have to get this album as they won’t be disappointed!