Frozen Nation Launches clip for their Dark Belgian Disco track!

  Van Muylem    21 november 2018

We reviewed their first album, saw them on stage and we are more then proud to present their newest clip!

The song is a tribute to the New Beat with a Cerrone-style bass, some disco drums and the 1st cowbell solo of the Darkwave history.

It's directed by D&D and exclusively shot in Brussels, around Marollen, Saint-Gilles and the travelling carnival of Brussels-South Station (Zuidfoor). It's a safari across the Brusseleir world, deep inside the "Belgitude" where cold, heat, tepidity, party, loneliness, soul food and millenniums of history all coexist together. "Dark Belgian Disco, welcome to my funky place of sorrow!"

The Dark Belgian Disco album has been recorded, mixed and produced by D&D at Spector Studio in Brussels.
It is available physically on, downloadable on iTunes  ( and listenable on Spotify (