Laboratory 5 - Reflections of You

  Van Muylem    20 januari 2019

As a preview for the upcoming new album Laboratory 5 launches a new EP! Expect a lower tempo and softer EDM beats on this one, so you are warned!

Alexandria J. Digre has many projects and has been very busy. She's modeeling her lif, like she's modelling her music: taking time and crafting it with love and passion for a brighter and better future! These 4 tracks are just the beginning! Max|Static did the vocals on this one.It's dedicated to his dog who sadly passed away in 2017.

Soft retro 80's beats, with a sniff of 2019, a robotic voice, some sadness and a spacey feeling: thta's how I would describe Reflections of You. The Journey, not The Destination is a musical trip into space with cool synths and retro tunes.

You also get a Zone Tripper remix (basically that's another project from Alexandria): still pretty slow but very interesting for Zone Tripper fans! It all closes with an instrumental version.

Stay tuned for more!