Hell:Sector – Doombringer EP (DSBP Records)

  Van Muylem    11 april 2019

Norways industrial/aggrotech/metal act Hell:Sector announces their return with the new EP Doombringer! An extension of the bands previous EPs and the closing of the EP trilogy formed by The Rise Of The Apocalypse, The Violent Breed and now Doombringer. Hardhitting electronics, heavy guitars and violent screams of corrupt leaders, toxic religion, crowd mentality and the dark side of humanity that shreds our world apart. Distorted minds are beating the final nails in their own coffins!

They start with a spooky intro, calling in the doomed: The Coming on the Antichrist. After that we get the first industrial/aggrotech dancefloor orientated bomb: Scream for the Apocalypse. The guitars sound loud and clear, the screaming is mixed in a perfect way with the music so that you really get sucked into their world without ever doubting. A bit more into aggrotech/disco is Kill-Slaughter-Repeat. Here we get a clear influence by Suicide Commando, the divine factory/machine for this genre. Nautilus (When Flesh and Steel Unite) is a hard hitter that might make it on dancefloors all over the world, whilst it will be for sure a perfect track to play on stage with the energy spread by the music and the pumped up vocals! The guitar and the synth play an excellent role in this one. Theocracy Death Clock mixes again guitars and synths in a very symbiotic way whilst the vocals sound devilish and very scary. ReHumanize is the last track shreds it all to pieces: a masterpiece! Hard hitting beats, sharp guitars, screaming against all … it knocks you off!

Well, we are doomed, but at least we can listen to this masterpiece from Hell:Sector until we all die!