Herrschaft – Le Festin Du Lion (SEASON OF MIST)

  Van Muylem    13 juni 2019

They are French, rock between metal and electro and I loved their album Les 12 Vertiges. Since then they changed a bit their line-up so I’m curious about how they sound anno 2019!

It’s their 5th album in 15 years and this time they choose to take a dark and satanic path. The band now impersonates the vision of a gambling Satan, relishing the missteps and fails from his subjects, waging on their certain end.

The album starts with Technosatan: smoking beats mixed with heavy riffs and a screaming monster. The chorus (with extra vocals from Roxane & Tess) is pretty catchy and might make it into clubland if promoted in a smooth way. Halfway we also get an angelic female voice in the back, trying to get the score even. A drunk Satan also appears and changes the tune into a darker path.

More funky electronic tunes comes with How Real Men Do. They mix the guitars a bit more into the background, lifting the catchy feel. Breakbeats, heavy riffs, grunting and screaming: it all comes and goes and all blends in like only the best can do! It feels as if they invented it themselves! There is even a jazzy piano part halfway (not for Fleddy Melculy fans, sorry). More into the heavy sound is Stray Dog that even goes a bit into symphonic metal. The vocals really sound hard and mean, whilst the choir gives it an epic feel and a real WOW touch. Their sound is simply amazing! But I Know sounds a bit more like what I’m used to hear on Les 12 Vertiges: a great mix of electronics and heavy metal! The vocals sound a bit like sung by a drunk low class guy from Brighton. The sound is very rich and the best way to experience it is with headphones on and pretty loud. Le Festin Du Lion is sung in French and proves that singing in French also works with the metal genre, although it is here also mixed with some electronics. I love the speeded up feel and the breakdown (however it could have been a bit shorter), but the new lift after the break really gives it the right feel! It’s simply demonic! New World Order screams and grunts, with a fat guitar sound and vocals that sound like coming from the darkness. The Drum’n Bass part reminds me a bit of David Bowie with Battle for Britain (The Letter), but it’s only for a short while. Hence, once again they mix a clear piano into their sound (towards the end). Behind The Smokescreen reminds me for the first time of Rammstein. They mix beats and guitar play in a majestic way, keeping the angry parts up and the darkness sharp whilst vocal snippets drops bombs. I adore the whole vibe of this song and see even a future for it on the dancefloor. The Great Fire is a bomb and once again the electronics pump up the metal feel, whilst the extra vocals gives it what is needed to make a great song! Once again they hit the right spot and deliver a very melodic track with a touch of darkness. The White Russians sounds like a metal version of an EBM track, powered up by lots of different vocals and with a gest of pure techno. Towards the end it even gets a doom metal sound, slowly building up the tension. It feels like the perfect track to end a gig! Last one is Hate Me where the EBM touch reigns. Dany Boy & Jessy Christ add with their vocals a cold wave touch. It’s a fresh end, with a catchy feel and makes you want more of this and proves that these folks are delivering an album filled with cool surprizes!

The More you listen to the album, the more you see them play at Big festivals like WGT , W-Fest, Alcatraz, Graspop, … I really hope I can finally see them on stage after I had to miss them last time due to falling sick!