Kirlian Camera - HELLFIRE EP (Dependent)

  Van Muylem    15 juni 2019

Cold Pills is going to be the next record, but as a warm up we get this excellent EP (was originally just meant as a single, but things got bigger and larger). We welcome it! And yes: the title track comes from The excellent Lucifer series and is indeed a cover.

Hellfire is a brilliant female fronted cover version (the original was sung by a man). Elena gives it an erotic touch (as always) and that’s just what the original needed, next to more darkness. The dark folk tunes in the start create the right fuzz for it, enchanted by the electronics. Once she starts to sing you can almost see Lucifer crawl into her arms. This version is so strong that you will directly forget that it’s a cover version and I really wish they would use it one day on television or at least bring it out to the world with a decent clip. Silicon Singers is completely the opposite as it starts with singing monks on a deep bass feel, a Capella. The songs are quite melodic and spiritual. It’s almost meditational music. Metaluna brings in more electronics and a roaring guitar. It has a floating and ambient feel, mixed with some drums and spaced out vocals until the song fully awakens and gets a higher drive. The breakdown changes again the direction of the song and adds a twist to it: it becomes a bit darker, but still with that Star Trek touch. V2K sounds a bit eclectic, with an erotic feel and cool bits and bleeps: from Techno land into the BDSM scene. Polar-HIS (RMX by Blank) explores techno land a bit more, with a soft and dreaming undertone. E-Nord is a strange track: windy and noisy and totally experimental. It sounds like a dark folk try-out. Hellfire (Kromart Television Apocalypse) stays a bit closer to the original then hoped, but it still has the right feel and even sounds a bit hopeful and angelic. Last track is Splashdown in another dimension: a strange piece that could figure in the Twin Peak Series with the log lady included and a passage in the strange red room.

I must say that this EP is a real exploration of styles and sounds. It’s clear that they are not planning on doing a copy and paste of their past and that is dangerous but also a great thing!