Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Ménage à Quatre (Out Of Line Music)

  Van Muylem    28 juli 2019

Life is a dark orgy, brought on a neofolk and ritualistic feel. This is in short the description of this Swedish band! I have seen them a lot of times on stage, mostly joined by Nicolas Van Meirhaeghe and now I review their music for my first time (next to their excellent gigs, off course).

There is a new album coming and this EP is the bridge between old and new work. From what I heard from them in the past I can say that this is the first time that their sound comes the closest to their live feel: dark, scary, fuelled, hot and a bit erotic! Most of the times a lot of bands who perform in an excellent way are not as good on an album, well this EP is as good as the live performances and that is a state of art!

Ménage à Trois (There is Nothing To Regret) is the first track and drives on a dark passion for trio’s. Talking about taking in a women into their relationship, followed by a man and killing it all in a very passionate way. The music heats it all up and takes you to a lot of highlights. I also like the violin in it. The lyrics are pretty explicit and will shock believers (Catholics, Muslims, …), but that is nothing unusual for them. Believe in Me (We Are ONE) starts with almost martial percussion followed by the pling you get when you just received a message on Facebook. The song is dark and dense, just as I love it the most. Once again sex is the driving power behind the song, just as dark love. Kiss Me Now (And I’ll be Silent just 4 You) brings more dark passion and even calls for murder to please him. Excommunication is the least of his thoughts when he talks about what he wants. 4 All Our Scissor Sisters goes deeper down the dark path, a very apocalyptic path. It’s also an excellent end for this great and passionate EP and I must be honest: I long for more! I’m hungry and thirsty!

Here's the uncensored clip, make sure you added your age to your account: