Lacrimosa – Zeitreise (Hall of Sermon/Suburban)

  Van Muylem    10 augustus 2019

30 years! That’s how long this German Gothic Rock/metal band exists! Time for a double best of, some rarities and some tracks chosen by the band, with a few new tracks too!

I still remember I heard them the first time on Studio Brussel (one of our national Radio stations) during Metalopolis. After that I met somebody and started a relationship with her. She and her best friend where both in love with TiloWolff and wanted AnneNurmi out of his life (out of jealousy). Thanks to those 2 girls I got introduced to Alain (who back then and until very recently) booked Lacrimosa in Ghent. I even got the chance to meet the band, took a picture and a bit later it even figured on a video K7 called The Live History. And now it’s time to look back and help out the new fans!

The story goes that as Tilo wrote and published more then 100 songs. A lot of the newer fans had difficulties with getting it all worked out and so he picked out himself tracks, wrote even some new ones for the older fans and delivered a double album that could interest old and new fans.

The first album starts with one of their best-known tracks and one of my favourite ones: Ich bin der brennende Komet (1996 and figured on the maxi Stolzes Herz). From the first notes you know this song will make you rise up, start clapping with your hands, … The melancholia is mixed in a perfect way with vocal powers and it’s clear that we hear great musicians in the background. The orchestral arrangements shows off their financial possibilities.



Lichtgestalt is also the titletrack of the album that came out in 2005. There is a lot of variation and it has a rich sound. You hear a very mature and experienced band. Bresso (from the album Einsamkeit) is a not so known song, but we think it must be one of their favourite tracks. This song is driven by a piano, a violin and Tilo’s dark voice (sounds like coming from a cave). This song can be seen as one of the most representative songs from that album as it’s lyrically the best responding to the album title. One of the most recent songs is Nach dem Sturm (Testimonium, 2017) and almost sounds as if it was written to be paired with the previous song with the big difference that the production is at a higher level and the sound is much richer. Not every pain hurts is the first track sung in English and is on top sung by Anne Nurmi (from the album Stille). It’s a slow symphonic gothic rock song with an accordion in the lead (at least in the beginning). Die Unbekannte Farbe starts with a piano and Tilo whispering with a deep voice. The song slowly build up towards a high (taken out of Hoffnung, 2015).

Der Morgen Danach (Metus Version) is another hit (from Fassade, 2001). The flute plays an important role, together with the symphonics. The chorus is on top catchy and will haunt you for a while.



Irgendein Arsch ist immmer unterwegs is from 2012 (Revolution) and starts simple but gets a real bombastic and heavy feel. One of the good things here is that it swings from an angry touch to a more happy feel and from heavy to light. Alleine zu Zweit is their biggest hit so far (from Elodia, 1999) and is a neoclassic symphonic rock duet between Tilo Wollf and Anne Nurmi. Satura is another classic and comes from their third album. The classic instruments reign and give it a deep and very sad touch. My Pain is sung in English and goes more into fast and heavy gothic rock with the mix of both voices. It sounds like early female fronted symphonic metal. A special song is for sure Keine Schatten Mehr (from Hoffnung, 2015): listen tot he music box, the piano and percussion that almost sounds like something typical Das Ich. The bombastic feel grows and grows, just as the sound. Another classic track is the last one on the first album: Stolzes Herz. The piano reigns and is really adding an extra dimension tot his magistral song where you get the bombastic feel and the choir halfway. Fragility mixed with vocal powers and classic instruments. This is one of the songs that has to be played on stage, time after time!

The second album starts with Durch Nacht und Flut (Spanish Version) and mixes German poetry with some Spanish lines (that’s the difference with the original version). Seems like they wanted to please their Spanish fans and it doesn’t sound bad at all. Hardcore fans might have some difficulties getting used to it, but for them this is off course the extra must have as a collector. Seele In Not (Urversion) is a Neue Deutsche Todeskunst-classic and comes from the early days from Lacrimosa. However you only hear his voice and a synth you really think there is more to it than just those two. It reminds me a bit of Sopor Aeternus. Der leise Tod (Testimonium, 2017) is a good follow-up song for the previous one with the difference that all the music has been done by a real orchestra. With Copycat comes the hit that made heavy metal fans discover Lacrimosa (from Inferno, 1995). Tilo’s raw voice is mixed by the heavenly chorus sang by Anne whilst the guitars, the bass and the drums each try to get upfront and get their 15 seconds of fame.



Thunder and Lightning (from Hoffnung) is a modern fairy song exclusively sung by Anne Nurmi (who can give herself and prove that she really has a great voice). Ich verlasse heut’ Dein Herz (from Elodia)” is a dark and almost classic Lacrimosa track that grows with every second and where even the piano gets a solo (still a very epic one). Feuer goes further down the bombastic power road. The child’s choir is a cool extra, however the lyrics are not really for children. A song that also has to be played during every live set is the very expensive diamond that goes with the name Alles Lügeand also comes from their early years. Schakal (Single Version) went into my ears in 1994 and never got out of them and will still get the love of the new fans! Lass die Nacht nicht über mich fallen – Reprise is a slightly reworked version from the Testimonium album. It’s a neo-classical tearjerker. Drei Sekunden is a new track and has everything in it to become a new hit and a beloved song! Last one is also a new track and is called Im Schatten der Sonne and sounds a bit bombastic, heavy, fuelled and goes a bit back to the heavy metal past. Yet it grows slowly and with every passing second it seems like as if instruments are getting added or taken out. It’s a perfect last track of a magical double album and will for sure make you push the repeat all function and even make you long to see them back on stage!

I can’t wait to see them back on stage in Belgium, am just wandering who will book them? And I thank the two girls (who are now both mothers) for bringing Lacrimosa into my life!