Apoptygma Berzerk - NEIN DANKE! (Tatra Records / Pitch Black Drive)

  Van Muylem    12 augustus 2019

Apoptygma Berzerk have been very active in the last years, and in 2016 we saw the instrumental album Exit Popularity Contest hit the market (reviewed it), and together with remixes for Machinista, Peter Heppner and Page, APOP have also been playing concerts and festivals every year.

In 2018 APOP amazed everybody with the fantastic 25th Anniversary of their debut album, Soli Deo Gloria and the reworked album SDGXXV that accompanied it, with remixes from all kind of heroes in all kind of genre’s (check out both reviews on our site).

Before I launch my review I would like to give you some extra info about how it all got done: 

“The analogue instrumental album and the work with classic electronic artists inspired APOP to take the analogue sound into their traditional “pop” songs, enhancing them with the golden sound of electronic pop from the late 70’s and early 80’s, while also wrapping them in an electronic blanket covering your aural senses like a comfortable shroud.”

The new EP Nein Danke!.  Includes 3 brand new tracks; Atom & Eve, A Battle For The Crown and Soma Coma (this last one has not been send out to the press: so it will also be a surprise for us).

Atom & Eve is a bit the Adam and Eve song for synth pop lovers who love the classic retro style. It also has a positive and almost floating sound and might even make it into the hands of certain DJ’s. The songs is as good and happy as a ray of light tearing the darkness apart. I really love this song and hope it will be part of their new live set!

A Battle For The Crown sounds really into the classic retro style with the right synth blips. Stephan is singing a bit like Gary Numan, giving it the right setting for a walk into the past. At some point it even gets a bit into a catchy feel and you slowly feel like dancing. This also reminds me how hard I want to see them back on stage during their gig at W-Fest!

Well, I also can’t wait to hear how the third song will sound like!

Physical release: October 4th. 2019

APOP have the following live dates coming up:

15th August – Hannover (Capitol) (DE)

16th  August – Dresden (Reithalle Strasse E) (DE)

17 th August – Köln (Essigfabrik) (DE)

18 th August – W-Festival / Waregem (BE)

24th August -  Oslo (Parkteatret) (NO)

26th October – DarkMad Festival / Madrid/Pinto (ES)