VISIONS OF ATLANTIS – Wanderers (Napalm Records)

  Van Muylem    30 augustus 2019

Symphonic metal is for me one of the most beautiful paths a metal band can walk. It needs good music and good vocals, passion and a story to tell. Helped by JRR TolkienVisions of Atlantis unveils a magical opus that will mesmerize you!

Clémentine Delauney and MicheleGuaitoli are a catch made in heaven! The music on this album is mind blowing good. It will make you travel, discover and will give you goose bumps!

Release My Symphony is the perfect example of how to produce the perfect symphonic metal track! This shows off the vocal powers of Clémentine and Michele: and no it’s not a beauty versus the best modus but a women and a man with pure and clean vocals. The guitar roars, slides, gives a solo … Everybody get’s some time to show off. It’s an epic track that opens a can of adventures. The tempo goes up and down, a it like a boat during a storm at sea. Sometimes all the instruments are in, sometimes it’s just a piano … It’s a magical first track! Heroes Of The Dawn has enough pathos to make dive into the whole story line, whilst I enjoy the vocals. I hear some Scottish and Irish influences in some parts of the track. It feels a bit like in the Outlander series when the heroes take the boat from Europe to the USA in the hope of finding a better world. Nothing Lasts Forever is a ballad, but with a sad story. With a positive note in the lyrics it would become for sure a wedding song! The music is great, the vocals are passionate and the duet is a success!

This song can be played on the radio’s and all will love it! Hence, why not use it in a movie? The craftworking in the studio is impossible to redo as it’s just magical! More speeded up is A Journey To Remember and it literally gets all the symphonic sounds blown up. The pathos almost makes it explode, but in a positive way. The vocals are still sweet, but giving all their energy. A Life Of Our Own goes a bit more into the direction of Outlander reaching out to the new land and new hope whilst having to face a lot dangers on the sea. It’s a sweet track, fuelled and powerful with a warm sound. To The Universe is a bright and hopeful song, filled with emotions and angelic voices whilst the music lifts the tempo and blows the ship towards a brighter future. Into The Light is a magical piano ballad lead by Clémentine. It’s a tearjerker and a fragile one. It sounds as if one bit too loud and glass will break.

Until they dare to bring in the guitars and expose the song into a brighter light, slowly going to a high. The Silent Scream gasps for a positive end and goes on a great symphonic metal track should! The Siren & The Sailor is a cool duet where they again and again prove their vocal powers whilst the symphonic part excels! Wanderers is a fragile piano ballad lead by Clémentine and might be your favourite track on the album. At The End Of The World goes out with a boom, like every great album should! This one also sounds like the perfect track to close a live set!

Well: I liked it. A tiny bit more variation would make it totally top. Most important thing is that I liked it, reviewed it and would love to see them on stage with this album! The band did a great job, just as the studio!