Elusion – Singularity (Art Gates Records)

  Van Muylem    16 september 2019

Elusion is one of these bands I follow from a distance. As they release their first full album it was about time to review it. I can already say that I like it, however it took me some time before I got into it. It’s a slow grower, but gets better after every time I listen to it.

For those who still have to discover this female fronted metal band from Belgium I drop some info about them underneath this passage:

After Domingo Smets left his former band Ancient Rites after almost 15 years, he felt the need for a new project to put in all his energy and inspiration. With the first songs written he started to look for the right vocalist, realizing that he was searching for a more melodic and powerful voice to fit the symphonic parts and heavy guitars. So, February 2015 Domingo decided to team up with Evy Verbruggen for this new musical endeavour: ELUSION.

Other musicians were easily found: Frederik Van Mieghem (drums) and Kristof Degreef (Bass) had been playing together with Domingo over the past years in different projects like Gracefallen and Persephone’s Blade and they too were looking for something new, something different…

In 2016 the EP Desert Of Enticement was released which got some praising reviews. 2017 was used to promote the EP during several gigs with bands like Xandria and Welicoruss.

In 2018 Spanish label Art Gates Records contacted Elusion as they wanted to work together with Elusion. The band started working on the recordings of their first full CD Singularity. In the meantime Stijn Van Peborgh joined the band to strengthen the band on guitar.

I already knew from the past that Evy Verbruggen is a good choice for the lead vocals and with the first and fully symphonic metal track Choices and chances she opens a new can of vocal possibilities, together with the new guitar player who can directly show off his new possibilities! The raw backings and the heavenly choir are both excellent choices for this track! The Tales That Trees Tell even opens with a little girl singing and a feeling as if you are in the middle of a desert, surrounded by sand and you see some trees far away. Hell is all around you (the backings that scream like hell), whilst you try to see the good things and hope for better things (the angelic lead vocals). The flute brings in the Arabic feel.

The Strive is a more up-tempo track with an excellent drive and the perfect sound. This is one of those track I for sure want hear on a stage! The choir and the extra vocals towards the end give it something sacred and holy until the devilish backings try to destroy it all. It feels like a fight between angels and demons. A bit of melancholia comes with the beautiful duet with Björn Strid called Lovelorn. In Eternity is a soft one, lead by a piano and some symphonics. Reconciliation ofOpposites gets some extra male vocals from none other but Peter Evrard! I like the guitars and the Arabic feel. My War Within is fuelled, has bombing drums, an interesting symphonic sound and great vocals. Crystal Doubts is a magical track with lots of variation and great vocals. Last track is Anamnesis where we also get an acoustic guitars and additional vocals from Björn Strid. It’s ending with a big blow and in beauty.

I enjoyed it and it’s sad I missed them on stage this year as their new album is really worth it! So go check ‘m out or at least check out their new album!