The 69 Eyes – West End (Nuclear Blast)

  Van Muylem    18 september 2019

Our Helsinki vampires are now 30 years active in the world of music and feast with a very dark and apocalyptic album: announcing the end of the western world! To me the dark balloons on the album cover also refer a bit to the Stephen King book called IT (or for those who don't read books: watch the movies, yes: there are 3 of them). And yes there is always a horror story inside the lyrics, so it might be another wink towards the fans of this genre.

The church bells in the beginning of the first track Two Horns Up puts you directly inside a dark and terrifying story but also show off their o so catchy side. They mix darkness with a sweet sound that gets inside your head and haunts you for the rest of your days. Another cool thing is that they get extra vocals from Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth). The bass rolls, whilst the guitar sways and hurls. It’s hot and steamy, dark and yet lovely. I have no clue how they can do it: but they succeed in the best possible way to combine all these elements and craft a great song!


27 & Done is a typical The 69 Eyes song: laughing with all the stars who died at the age of 27 and yet coming out with a catchy sound and even a romantic feel about living forever as they are all vampires whilst the rest of the rock stars just die. Black Orchid is a cool goth ’n’ roll track that could have been written by Star Industry but is clearly sung by the deep voice of the dark Elvis version who calls himself Jyrki 69. The piano synth could have been put a bit louder in the mix.Change is a tear-jerking ballad with a symphonic feel and a bitter sweet feel. Burn Witch Burn is spitting on the Facebook walls and other social media where monkey’s attack innocent people in a cruel way like as if back in the medieval times. The backings give it a catchy sound and lift the song to a higher level.


Cheyenna is some kind of a love aka tribute song to a beloved woman. Death lies in every turn, every dark road where the ghost rider goes. The music is once again very catchy, but by now you should be used to it. The guitars are smoking hot and very important for the sound of the song, just as the backings.The Last House On The Left is an hommage to Wes Cravens cult horror movie as in the song title quoted. This song is most aggressive one on the whole album and they also get extra help from: Danni Filth, Wednesday 13 and Calico Cooper (Beastö Blancö, she is also the daughter of Alice Cooper). Thanks to all this it has become an almost instantHalloween horror/punk sensation! Death & Desire starts like sort of a Disney fairy tale movie song but slowly grows out to be an 80’s hard rock ballad. Outsiders is a classic goth ‘n’ roll track with some punk rock and blues influences. Be here now will be for sure an absolute hit on stage as it appeals to dancing around, clap your hands and just be happy! I think I already said enough about how catchy they sound, right? I adore the guitars in this one too! They end with a slow and very hypnotic track and it’s called Met Hell has no Mercy. This one feels as if hell is so close you can smell it and start to sweat. Slowly the heat takes over, just as the song gets stronger and stronger. It’s a slow grower.

Well it has been a dark, passionate, hot and catchy trip! It’s clear they haven’t lost their feeling for good tracks and still craft enough variation to keep it all very interesting! The guests are also top! Can’t wait to see them on stage and why not at the next edition of W-Fest?