Spoil Engine – Renaissance Noir (Nuclear Blast)

  Van Muylem    16 oktober 2019

They are from Belgium & The Netherlands and it has always been a pleasure to review them (albums and on stage). Their female fronted metal is exactly my kind of type of music: it’s heavy, fuelled, feels real, has a lot of variation and the band excels in what they produce!

Nobody misses the message in R!OT. It’s time to wake up and start to change the world into a better one. We have to do it ourselves! The song is hot and screaming, whilst the guitars and the drums gives it all! This is called starting with a bomb! It’s also their first clip and first track. Medicine screams, grunts and also gets some clean vocals. The chorus has something catchy. Sometimes it’s impossible to believe that all the vocals are coming from Iris, but she gets so much out of her throat! The Hallow is the most catchy track of the album and that is all because of the switch between clean and harsh vocals and the great music! It will get stuck inside your head pretty fast! I’m pretty sure it will be a hit on stage too! Venom is a sharp track with lots of variation and a good drive. I adore the guitars who sound like on fire, helped by the drums and Iris in the perfect shape!

Golden Cage starts slowly, with a doomed feeling, almost lost in desperation and with a fragile touch until the rage comes out. It’s clear that this song shows another side of the band. Frostbite moves between angelic and devilish, between soft and hard. It’s a very cool and interesting track with lots of twists. Warzone is hard, heavy and sharp with lots of screaming where Iris almost sounds like a mix between a panther and a male monster. No Flowers For A Pig goes further down the hard road with lots of screaming and a high tempo.

The Void is clearly a rager that moves like a whirlwind, even when you hear clear vocals. The chorus is catchy and will stick inside your head for a while. Last song is Storms of tragedy and is in reality called going out with a big bang! This one shows why we have to see them on stage and why you have to get their new album!

I really loved it and spent a lot of time listening to the album (long before the time of release).



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