Liv Sin - Burning Sermons (Despotz Records)

  Van Muylem    18 oktober 2019

After Spoil Engine and their newest album and get another great one on my desk: the newest Liv Sin: hard, emotional, dark and simply great! It’s time to unveil everything about this new pearl!

Blood Moon Fever brings in more synths and a modern sound with a more melodramaticfeel. The metal vibe is still alive, but the overall sound is catchier. This song also show that Liv Sin works hard and gets better with every record (however already starting at a high level). Chapter Of The Witch sounds harder and heavier, with more screaming and roaring guitars, hard hitting drums, cool effects … this might be a new hit on stage! More pathos comes in with the duet: Hope Begins To Fade. Here she gets the help of Björn “Speed” Strid, the well-known singer of Soilwork and TheNightflight Orchestra. War Antidote brings more rage into the game. Metal fans will adore this one for sure! The chorus is also really catchy! Be ready to sing along! At The Gates Of The Abyss is a hard rocking track with some sweetness in it. The guitars are doing a great work, whilst Liv keeps on being herself! Slave To The Machine has also a very catchy chorus (thanks to the backings). I also hear a bit of a retro 80’s sound in it or is it just me? Fact is that it’s really a great track that will start a party on stage and in many houses when performed/played. The Sinner brings in a higher tempo and a slice of rage. Death Gives Life Meaning is a cool rocker with a special meaning that reminds a bit of The 69 Eyes. Ghost In The Dark starts like a false slow and is filled with pathos and a melodramatic feel. Dead Wind Intermezzo brings in more energy and doesn’t sound at all like a regular intermezzo: it’s a real headbanging end for a great album!

This album is even better then the previous and that one already set a high standard! Liv will conquer the hearts of many new fans! Hope to see her on stage soon!