The Arch – XII (Wool-E Discs/Trisol Music Group)

  Van Muylem    1 november 2019

I saw them on stage at Magasin 4 and was blown out of my socks. 12 months after launching their first new track from this album I finally get the chance to review the complete album of this cool band from Belgium! Darkwave/Postpunk/Gothic-rock fans will be delighted!

Before I start, I give you a small anecdote quoted from the band: “The album XII is the result of, again, a "naïve" idea: let us make a song every month with only the first takes. And also make a video of each song. Sometimes it was difficult, even impossible and yet, it worked. Or ... how innocent ideas can lead to a good story.”

They start with Blood Crystals and that could be an outtake from a new SF movie! I like the vocals and the music fits in a perfect way. The guitars are sharp whilst the synths create the right dark setting. Still despite the darkness there is a light of ray that gives you some kind of hope.

Alien Ann is an ice-cold gothic track with lots of backings and a special sound (I think I even hear a trumpet).

Joan’s in Prison rings in great guitars and a pumped-up synth. The vocals are melancholic, whilst the music is melodic and enchanting. I like it!

The Phantom Chase starts with some whispering and a slow tempo and will haunt you for the rest of the album. Phantom Chase is about the eternal search and pursuit of your archetype.

Black Drains sounds a bit like the electronic version of TheJesus and Mary Chain. It’s again a very haunting track (perfect for Halloween).

Tanglet Stones is another slow one, with lots of dark whispering and a scary feel that fits Halloween, however it also has some positive vibes. I like the bass and the piano in it.

Cadaver synod is again about the absurdity of religion, with the cooperation of Blaine L. Reininger (Tuxedomoon) and sounds more into new wave. I adore the violin in it and the sound that reminds me a bit of The Bollock Brothers.

Yoga Noise about how unhealthy it is to live healthily and thus not about doing Yoga in the week and sniffing coke in the weekend. I like the guitar sound and the catchy chorus. It has a slice of new wave in it with a retro touch.

Cocks Populi sounds like a ballad, but then you have to ignore the lyrics. Dark Room is about a life without light and how your senses feed your worst thoughts. The music somehow gives you a boost and butterflies, which is complete the opposite of the lyrics.

Enogold sounds completely different from the previous songs: colder and a bit more into pop. The piano synth and the vocals play an important role.

Last track is Sacramental Blade and sounds like background music for a Yoga session as if it’s the perfect thing to do to get rid of the darkness.

Conclusion: it’s a nice dark and cold trip with some surprises! I loved it and would only skip the last track! Have fun with the clips too!

Don't miss them the 7th of March at Porta Nigra! 

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