APRYL – Aprylokratie (darkTunes Music Group)

  Van Muylem    4 november 2019

Apryl is a new band, comes from Germany and sounds like a new version of Rammstein. Apryl longs for a revolution and thrives on anger and frustration. Their music is blacker then black and mixes rock with metal. Their lyrics are explicit, but they don't give a fuck!

In Frieden Ruhn starts with a phenomenom we all know: do this, do that ... and the rebellion against it! The music is in the beginning very much into industrial and counters into a more metal rock feel with that typical Rammstein feel. They start with one of the highlights of the album! I really love this one and played it a lot of times before I even started reviewing it and ended on my playlist! fuelling against the smartphone generation, that's what Zombies Ohne Namen is about. The raw vocals and the female backings are really cool (here they sound a bit like Lacrimosa versus Rammstein). Rothäppchen is a newer version of the old child's story, but with a sexual conotation. There are some synths in it and some other nice instruments. The opera voice is also really nice. It sounds as if they made a special effort to open the sound of this one more then on any other song on this album.

Schwarze Rosen is a dark but romantic song and after this you know what kind of flower they really love (so now you know what to throw at them when you see them on stage)! The song sounds really melodic.

Menschen comes close to The Beautiful People from Marilyn Manson. Yet another reach out to new fans of another world and yes: I like it! It simply sound slike a cool and better remake! Mr Fuck’n’Roll mixes sleaze rock, porn and Neue Deutsche Härte into an explosive track. This one is also one of the best songs on the album, but don't play it when your kids are closeby as they might sing it afterwards at school! It's really and earworm! Very malicious! Another nightmare for your kids is Schlaf Kindlein. Yup: it's the kind of lullaby that will create nighmare's! Gold is an industrial rock/metal track with raw vocals and lot's of energy, but it misses a bit of that extra sparkle. Schmetterling Im Blau is a gothic metal track, powered up. The chorus is catchy, but somehow this is the track that attracts me the least on this album and it's hard to tell why (I feel something is missing, but can't tell you what it is). Im Mondlicht is a dark/romantic gothic rock track where we hear some clear vocals. This one could have been inspired by The 69 Eyes (listen to the lyrics). Revolution is the last track and will leave their mark fro a long time as it's an excellent gothic rock track!

Well: it all sounded like a mix of all the bands who perform dark gothic tracks with a metal/industrial injection! It's a strong debut and I can't wait to get their second album as I can't wait to hear on how they evoluate!