Knight$ launches new single!

  Van Muylem    5 november 2019

Knight$ comes from the UK and launches a new single: Dollars & Cents! Features three new remixes from Theo SayersRich WilliamsTobbe Lander and mixed by Italoconnection

James Knight$ describes the music as Britallo, whatever that means. I see it as electro disco with a very positive vibe. And yes, you might know this guy from Scarlet Soho, Mirror Man and Boytronic!

The original track sounds into electro disco with a nice retro 70/80's retro sound. Think about Bronski Beat, Yazoo ... The Synth rules and the bleeps make you want to dance! Where is the darkness? It just vanishes with the positive vibes!

The Rich Williams remix brings in a bit more techno, but keeps the catchyness. The Theo Sayers remix gives in some gospel and a bit of R'nB and makes a complete different song out of it. The Hidden Man remix brings in techno and beats and lanuches it into the dancefloor.

Well: this is not my genre, but I liked it and I'm pretty sure a lot of people will love it! Just sad that there is no video yet!