Cellar Twins - Duality (Independent Release)

  Van Muylem    3 december 2019

Cellar Twins is a metal-influenced rock band from Belgium, founded in 2014. Known for their catchy melodies and powerful stage performances (I saw them at Kraken Metal Rock fest last year and was blown out of my socks), the band created its own musical style by merging diverse influences such as Alter Bridge, Avenged Sevenfold, Smashing Pumpkins, Killswitch Engage, Dream Theater, Volbeat, and many others.

Initially created in 2014 by lead guitarist Jeff Sternon and drummer Francesco Damanti, the duo soon joined forces with the great Elodie Vainqueur on bass guitar and the amazing Carl Kubinsky on vocals and rhythm guitar. In 2017, Cellar Twins released its first 5 track self-titled EP, followed by 3 supporting music videos in 2018 for their songs My Shell, Flag of Doom, and Light of Joy. That same year, the band was selected for battle of the bands for the Durbuy Rock Festival and the "Fêtes de Wallonie," where they won the famous "Rock's Cool" prize. In 2019, Cellar Twins continued ascending by taking part in numerous festivals such as the Kraken Metal Rock Festival, the Bear Rock Festival, the July Rock Festival, and the American Rock Festival. They were chosen to represent the province of Namur for the 2019 National 5 Project and were also selected as one of the Belgian bands to participate in the Wacken Festival battle of the bands contest. Cellar Twins still holds many surprises for the end of 2019, including new music videos and the release of their new album that will be sure to amaze and astound!



So far the bio let’s focus on the first track: Millenium. The song starts a bit with a classic and very bombastic sound (as if a symphonic orchestra was in the studio), until the guitars chase them away. Carl sings as if he’s part of Alter Bridge and does it with brio. His part even sounds a bit melancholic (and that's just what I love the most). The other great thing are the guitars which sound razor sharp but still melodic. I would love to see it performed on stage (again)! Molotov Parade has cool backings, a raging attitude and the perfect vocals and melody to make it work. It’s a strong track that sounds as fuelled as Rage Against The Machine, but with a more melodic/catchy sound. Cloud Walker sounds a bit bluesy. I like the guitar and the soft vocals that sounds a bit like as if part of Soundgarden. The tempo gets a bit of an upgrade after a while, but not faster than mid-tempo. It sounds a bit like stoner rock from the 90’s and very American. Selfear starts in an angelic way: a sweet melody and an angel singing, until the guitars shred it all to pieces. The bridge (past halfway) launches the guitar solo and vocals on fire. It’s clearly a song with many faces. Social Waste has flaming guitars and great backings (want to hear that live)! The chorus is catchy as hell, however as they say: this is not a pop song! The bass sound fucking great, just as Carl (on vocals and guitar)! Antithesis almost sounds like a metal track, just missing a screaming singer in stead of the melodic and melancholic voice of Carl. Towards the end the vocals sound a bit harder and we even hear clearly the nice bass. Wovoka starts a bit like a Wardruna song, until some electronics and some guitars slowly jump into the sound. The backings give it a retro 80’s rock/metal touch. It’s again a song with a lot of twists in the melody and in the tempo. Tales of Autumn sounds like a typical autumn track: sad and slow. I think I hear some other vocals in it (but It might be a mistake). I like the melancholic score and for sure when it’s mixed up with a more speeded up part (and some guitar solo’s). The lyrics are pretty sad too, but that goes well with the time of the year in the song. Solace has a high tempo, rambling guitars and hard hitting drums. It’s headbanging time! Last track on the album is Promesse and sounds a bit sweet but has also a melancholic touch. For first time I even hear some grunting. The bass sound sometimes a bit more upfront and I also hear some angels in the backings. It’s a soft ending.

Well: I liked it and can’t wait to see them during a festival, just hope it won't take too long!


Don't miss their release party on the 7th of december in Namur (Bélvedère), with as support act: DIRTY TOY COMPANY and STAND FOR.!