Ianwill - One Credit Left

  Van Muylem    9 december 2019

I saw this band on stage at Kracken Metal Rock Fest 2018 and loved them. They are French and they launched a new album! Time to unveil their potential towards the death metal, metalcore and hardcore market!

We directly start with a speeded up bombing called Blackout. Audrey screams and grunts like a black panther! During the chorus she even unveils her beautiful clean voice and renders a perfect melodic part. She’s surrounded by a powerful team with various talents and we are talking about the snared instruments and about the drummer! The cohesion and chemistry between each other is magical and powerful! More into metalcore is Elements Collidewhere we hear a nice mix of clean vocals, grunts and growls. It’s going to be a hit on stage as you can feel the energy trough the music!



Harder, faster, raw and brutal that’s how I describe the next blow: Above Fears. The guitar play is just top! The Ultimate Paradoxstarts with a floating feel but changes pretty fast into a melodic death metal track like only the best bands can reproduce it!

Perspectives sounds like a cool mix of metalcore/hardcore, like as if it’s a well-known classic within this genre! The clean vocals once again prove that she can sing like the best! Fighting The Odds also starts with a floating feel but also has some bluesy and melancholic elements, until it all explodes and goes into a raging modus. The Shining starts with drums on the lead (almost like the marching of an army that is coming closer and closer), until once again the raging starts and it all explodes like as part of a warzone!

The Urge goes again faster and harder, like a real metalcore track. I even hear a slice of a symphonic part and bluesy parts. InsidiousMind has more melodic parts and break downs, whilst the harder parts really sound hard and raw. The guitars also sound really cool, whilst the drums are showing off! Black Roses sounds nicely polished, like as if written to play in large venues! Last track Endpoint Foreseen goes on with the same vibe and almost sounds part II of the previous song. The end is a bit soft as I expected a big boom, but hey you can’t have it all!

"One Credit Left" is a great album and I hope it will launch this excellent band further and further as they really deserve to make it! If I can I will for sure go see them on stage (again)!