Skarlett Riot are back with a new single: Human

 Silke D    21 maart 2020

After the success of their second album Regenerate, the hard-hitting UK quartet Skarlett Riot reinforced their interest from far and wide. With the last album the band introduced their listeners to a harder, heavier and faster sound, but still driven by the anthemic hooks that have kept Skarlett Riot at the forefront of the UK modern metal scene. The band have constantly developed and honed their craft; and the band are in comfortable in their darker and heavier guise, with elements of Asking Alexandria, In This Moment and Bullet for My Valentine shining through; opening up all new possibilities for the band

Although it's seemingly been quiet in the Skarlet Riot camp since their latest album release, truth is they've been working non-stop on brand ner music, the first result of which arrives in the form of long-awaited new single Human. Still led by the charismatic vocals of Skarlett, the band is a tighter, more powerful proposition, with harsh vocals complementing the melody throughout this track, without every losing sight of the outstanding melodic intent.  Musically the band has come on leaps and bounds from previous releases and the addition of new bassist Tim Chambers has given the band a renewed impetus. 

Embracing a more aggressive tone, Skarlett Riot are out to prove there is more to this young UK act than meets the eye!
Human sounds like a cool duet. Skarlett has a cool and young voice. You can hear her voice changing during the whole song, whilst one of her compagnons grunts and screams. The music is sweet but has also bitter moments. The song also goes from soft hard, back and forth. If this is their future sound then they can count me in as a fan! The lyrics are touching me very deeply, for sure in times like these!
The new music video will be released March 27!