Lykantropi - Spirituosa (Despotz Records)

 Silke D    24 maart 2020

From the dark woods of Värmland, Sweden, the vintage rock band Lykantropi invites their listeners to their melancholic rock and tales of the deepest forests where the full moon stands at its highest. The enchanting symbioses of female and male vocals delivered with a lycanthropic touch paint mesmerizing melodies that embody the duality of nature; beauty and force, good and evil.

I started reviewing since I am in lockdown due to the Covid-19 outbreak. I have a lot of time to review and discover new music. I don't earn money with it, but at least I'm working hard to keep the music scene alive. One of the nice discoveries is the retro band called Lykantropi.

Cool thing is that my dad was a hippie in the 60's and would have loved to listen to this music, but right now he is in lockdown with a fragile heart. The fragile, soft and sometime pschydelic music from this Swedish bands softens a lot the pain. Sometimes it even gives you the same sensation as smoking weed or having a trip inside your head.

The first 2 songs are single's and I can hear why! Wild Flowers starts rocking, slows down with a more American psychedlic country feel with voices that make you melt (mixed as if one voice) and restarts every now and then. I can hear some melancholy in it too. Vestigia is the second single. On this one the voals are less symbiotic. The leads are sounding very clear, with a sweet touch.

Their sweet rock and folk music might remind you of Jethro Tull, Coven and Blue Öyster Cult but also a slice of The Beatles. The flute, the all mixed together voices, the instruments who clearly sound into the 60's and 70's make's it all sound like one. The only song which is a bit different is the end song: Sällsamma Natt. I suppose it's Swedish. The song sounds a bit faster and is more into a poppy / psychedelic sound then the other tracks. It's also the longest track on the album. 

I enjoyed it a lot as it kpt me out of the dark and bitter world where I only hear about death and horrible things! Thank you Lykantropi!