Funker Vogt – Conspiracy (RepoRecords)

  Van Muylem    28 maart 2020

Funker Vogt strikes back with a new EP and announces a new gig in Aarschot (but that last one is what I call a wait and see due to the Covid-19 and the vaccination rounds if they find one fast enough). Fact is that more people now have time to listen to music, so spread the music, not the virus! Dark Electro lovers will adore it!

Only one and a half year after their last stroke of genius Wastelands, Funker D., Funker L. and Funker T. go on the hunt for the inexplicable:

Conspiracy, the title of the new EP, takes a long swing to strike against the conspiracies of this planet and confronts with the question "Are we really alone in this universe?

As a harbinger of the upcoming album, it goes without saying that Funker Vogt dig deep into the musical bag of tricks to give this mysterious hustle and bustle the right sound and to stir up the desire for more.

Four brand-new songs, a new version of the 2002 classic Date of Expiration and two in-house remixes are presented by the men around Gerrit Thomas and show once more why they belong to the spearhead of Dark Electro.

The Fallen Race could be about us and they might be looking for a new earth. The end of the world seems near and thus it’s appropriate to listen to this new EP! The Dark Electro has something melancholic. I’m not sure if much people will dance on it but it sounds pretty good! Ce-3 (First Contact) reminds me a bit of a more speeded up version of a Crash32 song. Fact is that the song is pumped up and will make it on the dancefloors (at least in your own house). It might even help you speed up whilst cleaning your house or doing some homework! It's a top track! We Believe is a positive track with cool beats and ready for great coverage. A New Dawn sounds about the Covid-19 outbreak but then translated into a fight against aliens. It's a dark but nice track. The vocals could have been a bit louder and more upfront, but this only a minor thingie. Date of Expiration (Neumix) could be about the human life form as we know it today. The remix is great and takes it to a higher level. The melancholy mixes well with the desperation! The beats match the vocals and the lyrics! Ce-3 (Intruder) sounds stronger, harder and faster than the first version: I adore it! They end with The Fallen Race (Conquest) a slow footstomping dark electro track. It's not going out with a big boom, but it is what it is.

Well: it was fine listening to them again and maybe I'll see them live, but I think it will rather be next year than still this year! For those who want to know: I might have gotten the mild version of the virus and was confined for 2 weeks (but in my country they only test you over and over when you end up in the hospital, so far). This is my first review in weeks.

Stay the fuck home and don't bring your life in danger or that of the others! The quarantine could take longer if you don't stay home and spread the virus! That's why we ask to spread the music, not the virus!

1) The Fallen Race
2) Ce-3 (First Contact)
3) We Believe
4) A New Dawn
5) Date of Expiration (Neumix)
6) Ce-3 (Intruder)
7) The Fallen Race (Conquest)