Abhcan releases new single!

  Van Muylem    29 maart 2020

They where supposed to play at Kraken Metal Rock Fest in May, but the festival has been cancelled for now. As I started the promo for the festival before the plague reached us and since I adored them I keep track of them and can announce with great pleasure the release of their new single!

Here's the short announcement and a usefull link:

Our new single is OUT! 💥
You can buy it or listen to it on all streaming platforms here:

Thank you all for the love and support so far, it’s only the beginning... ❤️

The Pit is a well fuelled song with a nice fighting spirit within it, lots of musical twists, a great singer who just takes a walk on the vocal chords as if it was nothing. Lina can also grunt and scream! It's a cool heavy metal track that will keep you company for a long time!