Blutengel releases new single with the help of the fans!

  Van Muylem    29 maart 2020

As we all have to stay home Blutengel asked their fans to send in some video's of themselves showing what they do in these dark times. It's a nice gesture and a great idea. The response was massive and they got the right track!

Wir sind Unsterblich (we are immortal) features some guitars but is mostly beat driven. I like the tempo and the feel. The message is clear, but I just hope the people don't act accordingly and still stay confined in their homes! Our motto nowadays is: spread the music, not the virus!

Have fun with this cool video:

Here's the message that we got before the clip was released:

"This Friday our new single "Wir sind unsterblich" including a very special music video will be released! To be honest with you, this single was not supposed to be released any time soon. But since it fits our current situation so well, that we decided to release it now. We all contributed to the creation of the video from home and the outcome is simply amazing. Of course we are not immortal, but Humanity has over come so many crisis before and we will over come this one also. Nevertheless, we all wish for a little immortality every now and then...
Thank you for making this project possible in such short notice! It was very emotional for me to see your footage and it gave me a lot of hope! We tried to place as many video clips as possible in the video. But unfortunately we couldn't fit them all in. So please don't be sad if your clip didn't end up in the video! All of you have definitely shown me how incredible and awesome my fans are! It has become a unique project in a very special time! Thanks for that! Stay home and stay healthy!"