Spankraght - Thou Shalt Drown In The Blood Of Thy Children (Independent)

  Van Muylem    3 mei 2020

Several worlds coming together, with several guests! Different styles merging into one as Spankraght takes heavy guitars and puts them upon pounding beats and some drum’n bass. The music is designed to dance or headbang like crazy! Think about Zardonic remixing The Unguided with blood on his mask and with an extra companion!

Spankraght is a duo from Antwerp and they made their debut in 2015! Today they deliver an album filled with starts from the Belgian metal scene!

Main story here is that we are under attack by an unknown force. It’s violent and inspired by a video game called Doom. You can even play some levels whilst listening to the music! The intro is called Synopsis and speaks out the horror happening in Antwerp (and no it’s not about the leadership in Antwerp). You hear the voices of Marc Fransen and Wim Wilri. Once the reporters shut up we hear a mix of metal, drum’n bass and badass beats. Next is Reset Mankind: a hard
hitting industrial/metal track with vocals from stars like: Franky De Smet – Van Damme (Channel Zero), Mario Cesar (PatriarcH) and Xavier De Schuyter (VoidWork and so many other bands). Carnivale is the track that makes Evy Verbruggen (Elusion) shine. The song mixes shouting people (Carnivale), heavy metal, electro/industrial and a cyber feel. It might become a hit in clubland once it all opens again and if pitched in the right way!

Hoop is the moment for Axl Peleman (Ashbury Faith, Camden, De Kreuners) to shine with his spoken word in his own language. This song announces some hope in these dark times. The music is more techno and drum’n bass minded (lead by a synth) with now and then a guitar riff. Resilient (feat. Yves Janssens aka Sonic Bastardz and Zak Tell aka Clawfinger) starts with some eclectic hammering and a scary feel, as if the monsters are coming until Zak Tell changes the song into some kind of a Clawfinger track (with some scratching on top). You can hear towards the some more drum’n bass. Slaughtered (feat Droeee / PJ Turlinckx known from A Thousand Sufferings / Dietwin E. Elbers) is in fact a song with 3 vocalists. It sounds very eclectic, fucked up and energetic! It’s speeded up heavy metal drum’n bass with a very dark and angry feel! The 3 voices each sound different, but as I don’t know any of them it’s hard to say who does what, but the most important thing is that their voices blend in with the music! Last track is Exodus and here we can hear the spoken word done by Alex Agnew as some kind of overlord (and basically the boss of our enemy). The music mixes again metal and the typical Zardonic style (with even some break beats) and techno. Somehow the song takes ages to end, but hey it's the boss battle and you don't want an easy fight, right?

Well it's clear that this duo are big fans of Zardonic and I have no clue on how come they got so much help from all over the Belgium metal scene. I'm happy with the extra's as without it wouldn't have been anything special. It's funny, but on the other hand they take it very serious and over fans from different genre's something special. So in the end I tthink I can conclude with: welldone!







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